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    1 Pakhusene AART
    Denmark | 08.10.2021

    Nye and Pakhusene honoured by Aarhus Municipality

    At the Aarhus Municipality's Architecture Awards 2021, we received two – of the three – main awards for our contribution to the sustainable town of Nye north of Aarhus and our design of the combined residential and office building Pakhusene on Aarhus Ø. Both building designs were honoured for their sustainable and community-fostering qualities. Qualities that, according to Aarhus Municipality, should act as inspiration for developers and contribute to promoting Aarhus as an international architectural city.

    Skovde visualisering 20210922
    Sweden | 04.10.2021

    Winning proposal for Swedish terraced house project

    We have won the competition to design a set of wooden terraced houses as part of the development of the new district Trädgårdsstaden in Skövde. Inspired by the traditional wooden houses in Sweden, the houses are cladded in light timber, giving them a soft and natural expression that connects them to its surroundings on a wooden slope. The competition was arranged by Skövde Municipality and we are developing the project together with Fiskarhedenvillan.

    1 Nicolinehus AART Anette Roien
    Denmark | 01.10.2021

    Nicolinehus reaches its full height

    Yesterday, we celebrated the topping-out ceremony at Nicolinehus that has now reached its full height with the last element on the 17th floor mounted. Nicolinehus is new residential and commercial building located in the hart of Aarhus Ø, shaped by the pulse of the inner city, and linked to life by the sea. Additionally, the majority of the two buildings that make up Nicolinehus has been purchased by Formuepleje for almost a billion DKK, which makes it the greatest single property deal in the history of Aarhus. We have developed the project together with Bricks, Schønherr, NIRAS, Rambøll, and NCC, and it is expected to be completed by December 2022.

    4 Strandbakkehuset TH 2159 H
    Denmark | 27.09.2021

    Hospice honoured at the Global Architecture & Design Awards

    The children and youth hospice, Strandbakkehuset, receives second place at this year’s Global Architecture & Design Awards in the category ‘Healthcare & Wellness (Built)’. With this prize, the internationally renowned architecture platform Rethinking the Future highlight architecture and design projects that create new perspectives on how to build a better world. The vision behind, Strandbakkehuset, the first newly-build facility of its kind in Denmark, was to challenge the perception of a hospice as a place that is not about loss, but about life, play, and alleviation.

    Riksbyggen Aastraaket Vy Oversikt Zynka Visual 02 H
    Sweden | 23.09.2021

    We are developing Åstråket in Eskilstuna

    In collaboration with Riksbyggen and Kungsladan Landskarpsarkitektur, we are designing Åstråket – a residential development with the aim of injecting new life into Eskiltuna’s old industrial district, Munktellstaden. With its red tiles, steal details, and metal plates, Åstråkets taps into the district’s industrial heritage and historical workshops. With Eskilstuna River and its green trails right next to it, as well as a common courtyard and two balconies per flat, Åstråket provides plenty of space to enjoy nature in walking distance from school, culture, and sport.

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    1 Strandbakkehuset TH 0207 H plan award
    Denmark | 16.09.2021

    Children and youth hospice honored at the PLAN Awards

    The children and youth hospice, Strandbakkehuset, in Rønde, has received an honerable mention at this year’s the PLAN Awards among 1,600 projects. As the first newly built hospice of its kind in Denmark, Strandbakkehuset is highlighted by the jury for its ability to provide space for life, play, and alleviation, and thereby, offering a vital home for the children, young people, and their families during a vulnerable time in their lives.

    1 Billund Torv Martin Schubert 04 Low
    Denmark | 14.09.2021

    Billund Shopping Plaza nominated for international architecture prize

    With the International Urban Project Award (IUPA), two of the world’s leading architecture magazines, Bauwelt and World Architecture Magazine, recognizes new and outstanding urban and architectural projects that have transformed cities worldwide. The Shopping Plaza in Billund (Butikstorvet) is highlighted for its ability to gather people of all ages through a diverse range of green and recreational spaces with a focus on play, learning, and creativity. The project is developed together with KIRKBI, Gustin Landskab, and Sweco.

    Nye Etape 1 2 AART 037 Low
    Denmark | 08.09.2021

    NYE puts circular economy on the agenda

    We have contributed to the new white paper ‘Designing the irresistible circular society’ published by the BLOX partners and launched by Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. The paper features state-of-the-art cases and insights on how to fuel a circular transition. Highlighted is our design of 30 wooden terraced houses in the emerging sustainable city of Nye, north of Aarhus – houses that nudge the residents towards a new way of living; one based on sharing, co-creating, and socializing.

    2 210830 Infohuse NIA9143
    Denmark | 02.09.2021

    We create Tiny House for Aarhus Festival

    Together with Tuborg and many more, we have created an alternative take on the tiny house for Aarhus Festival 2021. The house is designed and constructed based on an innovative open-source concept on how to produce homes for less and in a sustainable way. The house is built from discarded and surplus materials from the construction industry and furnished with Tuborg and RePlastic’s new product line of upcycled empty plastic kegs.

    Susanne Joys Daglig leder i Oslo AART
    Norway | 31.08.2021

    New leading manager in Oslo

    Partner Susanne Joys has been appointed manager of our Norwegian office. She will thus be leading the Norwegian commitment with a broad network of clients and business partners – as well as the significant projects in progress such as the Viking Age Museum in Oslo, Stavanger University Hospital, and Ski Station. Susanne Joys is taking over from Anders Strange who will continue his position as founding partner and CCO.

    Nanna Flintholm AART 2017 beskaaret
    Denmark | 26.08.2021

    Co-writers on new service specification for sustainable construction

    Partner and architect, Nanna Flintholm, has been appointed co-writer on the new service specification for sustainable construction, which is developed by the Danish Association of Architectural Firms, the Danish Association of Consulting Engineers and the Danish Association of Construction Clients, with support from Realdania. The aim is to create a clear contractual basis between consultants and developers that leads to a more socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable built environment.

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    Eksterioer Ankomst Psyk OUH
    Denmark | 25.08.2021

    We win competition for new psychiatry unit

    Alongside A. Enggaard, Niras and Sundhedslandskab, we have won the competition to develop the future psychiatry unit at Odense University Hospital, including, eight wards with 142 beds, a tele-psychiatry centre, research facilities, and administration department. The project is to be a public-private partnership by which the project terms, in addition to the design, also include the operation and maintenance of the 20,000 sqm psychiatry building for a period of 20 years.

    1 AART Aarhus kontor
    Denmark | 23.08.2021

    We are joining Upcycling Forum

    Upcycling Forum helps companies create sustainable solutions by turning materials and products that would otherwise have gone to waste into something new and useful. Together with Upcycling Forum, we will explore the many possibilities for reusing materials. We will also document the impact on the environment and on society while we continue to create beautiful, solid and, not least, impactful architecture and design.

    Glostrup neuro Hovedindgang projetering 2020 medium
    Denmark | 17.08.2021

    Foundation stone laid for neurorehabilitation centre

    Last week, we laid down the foundation stone for the new neurorehabilitation house in Glostrup, Denmark The neurorehabilitation centre is designed to be part of a strong, functional whole with the existing Glostrup Hospital. The building creates coherent patient treatment processes of a high organisational and specialist quality, combing the latest knowledge in the field with a highly specialised physical environment – resulting in a healing space for the patients to recover and rehabilitate.

    Pakhusene Aarhus 20201029 TH 0018 0019 layered
    Denmark | 12.08.2021

    Documenting the value of architecture

    Our design of Pakhusene on Aarhus Ø is featured in the new report “The Value of Architecture” by Architects’ Council of Europe. Our Head of Impact, Johanne Mose Entwistle, was interviewed on how we strategically use Post Occupancy Evaluation to document the impact of our buildings and the value created for society with Pakhusene as an example. The vision Architects’ Council of Europe behind the report is to cover the current use of POE in European architecture practices and how this impacts their work and projects.

    Read the report

    1 Strandbakkehuset Plan Awards Nomineret 2021
    Denmark | 10.08.2021

    Children and youth hospice has been shortlisted for the PLAN Awards

    With this award, THE PLAN aims to highlight the best of architecture from around the world and promote debate within the field. The hospice, entitled Strandbakkehuset, has been designed as the first newly built hospice of its kind in Denmark – with the overall aim of providing space for life, play, and alleviation, thereby offering a vital home for the children, young people and their families during a vulnerable time in their lives.

    2 Strandbakkehuset AART Linked In
    Denmark | 03.08.2021

    Children and youth hospice receives five hearts from Danish newspaper

    The new children and youth hospice in Rønde, Denmark, has received a five-hearted review from the Danish newspaper Poltiken on the frontpage of their culture section. As the headline states, Strandbakkehuset is not about loss as you may think, but very much about embracing life. Here, everything has been designed to provide the best quality of life possible for the young residents and their families in a vulnerable time of their lives. The project was created in collaboration with Arne Elkjær and CJ Group for Hospice Djursland.

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    1 L3022377 L
    Denmark | 08.07.2021

    Hotel Scandic Aarhus City named Denmark’s most climate friendly hotel

    With the Climate Award 2021, the travel site Momondo aims to promote green travel and showcase those hotels that really has made a sustainable impact. The winner is selected from a so-called Climate Score that converts the individual hotel’s sustainability measures and CO2 emissions into a databased score revealing Hotel Scandic Aarhus City as the most climate friendly. We developed the hotel back in 2012 in collaboration with A. Enggard, Norcap, Bønnelycke, Krook & Tjäder, and MOE.

    View 4 Gade PRESS tilrettet
    Denmark | 06.07.2021

    Topping-out ceremony for Enghaven Risskov

    Last week, we celebrated the topping-out ceremony at Enghaven Risskov, which we are developing together with KONstruct, MT Højgaard, MOE, and Vega Landskab. Enghaven Risskov is an ambitious housing project in the northern part of Aarhus – close to the forest, water and Letbanen. The project is expected to be finished during 2022 where it will hold 248 flats with emphasis on community, sustainability, and infrastructure.

    AART Moeltrup Optagelseshjem 03
    Denmark | 24.06.2021

    Multi-purpose hall for homeless men reaches milestone

    Last week, we celebrated the topping-out ceremony for Møltrup Optagelseshjem, which we are developing together with C. C. Contractor. In 2019, we won the parallel assignment by Realdania to develop the process and concept for the expansion of Møltrup Optagelseshjem, a home to homeless men of all ages who wish to put alcohol and drugs behind them. The result is a so-called Living Space for recreational activities with a focus on giving the residents the courage and resources to return to society. The project s supported by Realdania, Herning Munipality, Støttefonden for Møltrup Optagelseshjem and donatioans from private.

    Kulkransporet 3 udgave low
    Denmark | 23.06.2021

    Begins construction of the South Harbour District in Aarhus

    The realisation of the South Harbour District has moved a great deal closer with Aarhus Munipacility’s approval of the district plan. A plan that has been created in close collaboration with the district’s current and future users – from businesspeople and entrepreneurs to artists and the socially disadvantaged – with the ambition of creating a diverse district bursting with life and initiatives together. With this democratic approach to architecture, we are gaining valuable knowledge that makes us capable of create the greatest impact possible for the very-same people using it every day.

    Mejerihoejen 02 Gade
    Denmark | 18.06.2021

    We are developing Mejerihøjen in Aarhus

    Together with Mogens de Linde, Boligkontoret Aarhus, MOE, and LPH Byg, we are developing Mejerihøjen (the Dairy Mound) – a residential development including 112 flats with the aim of bringing life to the new mixed district of Katrinebjerg in Aarhus. With its yellow tiles, bricked up in the traditional way, the development draws threads back to the historic dairy that originally laid on the site and which in the years after World War II supplied both the citizens of Aarhus and the American troops in West Germany with milk. At street level, a new café together with the green courtyards and a gathering square will invite residents and passers-by to engage in spontaneous meetings, so that life arises in and around the buildings. Thus, creating a lively impact on the new district.

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    1 mbp kronprinsessenindvierstrandbakkehuset rm 16 06 2021 web 1200 0020
    Denmark | 17.06.2021

    Royal inauguration of children and youth hospice

    Yesterday, Crown Princess Mary cut the tape for the new children and youth hospice in Rønde. As the first newly built facility of its kind in Denmark, Strandbakkehuset has been created as a space for life, play, and alleviation. Because, as our founding partner Anders Tyrrestrup stated in his speech, our most important task as architects has been creating the best possible place for the young patients and their relatives in a vulnerable situation.

    NYE AART 02
    Denmark | 15.06.2021

    NYE nominated for the New European Bauhaus Prize

    With this prize, New European Bauhaus aims to exemplify how we can find solutions that transforms our living places and make them more beautiful, sustainable, and inclusive in practice. A vision that perfectly encapsulates the impact we aimed to create with our design NYE together with Tækker. Research shows that communities make us live better and longer. With community and sustainability in focus, we have developed NYE to raise the quality of life – successfully. Actually, almost twice as many residents of NYE say that they experience that their home has a very large impact on their quality of life compared to Danes in general – showcasing how architecture can make an impact in the real world. - showcasing how architecture can make an impact in the real world.

    Bikuben Kollegiet 2019 AART 06 H
    Denmark | 15.06.2021

    We stand against loneliness together

    Too many people in Denmark feel lonely. Right now, 380,000 adults are experiencing severe loneliness, and the number is rising. The consequences of loneliness are great - both for the individual and for the economy. It is time that we act on loneliness, as the great public health challenge, loneliness really is. That is why we have joined 77 organizations across sectors, industries and disciplines with the presentation #compatibility. An effort that we proudly support in the hope of making a difference and counteracting loneliness - together.

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    Loop 1 big
    Denmark | 11.06.2021

    The LOOP Familiy ready as RECYCLED and Nordic Ecolabel

    The original round LOOP was initially developed together with out-sider for Aarhus Festival in 2007 to create space for informal meetings and experiences in the city. Since then, the popular urban furniture has been joined by new variants and now consist of a whole family of modular seating furniture. All the modules are now available in a new RECYCLED version produced from 100 per cent. recycled polyethylene plastic (85 % production waste + 15 % grounded used plastic bags). And to top it all, the products have achieved the Nordic Ecolabel as the Nordic region’s first ever urban furniture in plastic – and will thus create a positive impact on both our urban spaces and the environment.

    Read more about the product

    Bloxhub 2021 Johanne 2
    Denmark | 10.06.2021

    Keynote speaker in debate on healthy buildings

    Recently, our Head of Impact, Johanne Mose Entwistle, had the pleasure of speaking at the online event BLOXHUB Debates on “Leading the Way to Maximum Standards for Healthy Buildings.” There, she spoke about how we use anthropological studies to create healthy buildings that does not just meet the standards, but uses a wide array of factors that impact the users’ experience of health. We believe that this is the way to raise the quality of our buildings and lives – and thus make a healthy impact with architecture as a catalyst.

    1 AART Stockholm maj 2021 klippet
    Sweden | 04.06.2021

    Celebrating one year in Sweden

    It has been an entire year since we opened the doors to our office in Stockholm for the very first time. With our long-standing commitment in Sweden, this was a vital step towards our vision of being a Scandinavian-based architecture practice with a foot in both Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Our first year on the Swedish market has been one of rapid development – with new colleagues and new exciting culture and city development projects, that with their impactful square meters will contribute to a positive impact – all over Scandinavia.

    1 IMG 8830
    Denmark | 02.06.2021

    Keynote speaker on Building Network conference

    Last week, associated partner and team leader, Anne Sofie Buur Okkels, guested a conference hosted by the Building Network. Here, she spoke about the development plans behind the University Town and Aarhus BSS and how we are going to transform it from a historical hospital into the campus of the future. With the University Town the area’s original features, such as the distinguished red bricks, will be renewed and accentuated, while at the same time creating a more sustainable study environment to the benefit of the students, the city, and the environment. While the new Aarhus BSS, with its significant size and spectacular round auditorium will create a new landmark for the city.

    Pakhusene Eksterioer 02 AART Kredit Kontraframe
    Denmark | 31.05.2021

    Pakhusene nominated for Office Building of the Year

    Pakhusene on Aarhus Ø, Denmark, is nominated for Nohrcon’s Office Building of the Year. The award honours office building projects, that with their innovative architectural qualities inspire the workplaces of the future. Pakhusene is heavily inspired by sharing-economy. Here, companies and residents can share a wide range of facilities - from gym to harbour bath to canteen, meeting rooms, and a large roof top terrace. All with the one goal of creating a sustainable impact with community at its centre.

    Place your vote here

    3 REGAN Vest Danskernes Koldkrigsmuseum AART
    Denmark | 28.05.2021

    We are breaking ground for REGAN Vest

    This week, we broke ground for REGAN Vest, which we are developing together with Thøgersen & Stouby, SLA, and NIRAS for Nordjyske Museer and Ejendomsfonden REGAN Vest. Here, Hans Simonsen, the last place commander in the Cold War bunker, helped take the first sod. The vision behind tthe new visitor and exhibition building is to make history come alive through the walls of REGAN Vest and provide the visitors with powerful and authentic experiences that will leave an impact. The project is supported by Realdania and many more.

    Heidi Anette Green Skolte web
    Norway | 27.05.2021

    Heidi Green-Skolte as Head of Administration in Oslo

    As the new Head of Administration in Oslo, Heidi Green-Skolte will help ensure the day-to-day operation of our activities in Norway and our continued development with a focus on financial management. Heidi comes with strong financial experience, which includes, auditor in Deloitte and controller in Backe Gruppen and Backe Prosjekt, and we are pleased to welcome her to a central part of our Norwegian team.

    VIMU ARK Oseberg AART 2021
    Norway | 25.05.2021

    The Viking Age Museum is one step closer to realisation

    We welcome Imenco and AF Gruppen aboard the team behind the Viking Age Museum in Oslo. Late last year, Statsbygg sent two contracts for tender - one focusing on the safe relocation of the historic Viking ships and the other focusing on the actual construction of the museum. Thus, what will be the world's leading dissemination and research center about the Viking Age and the most significant cultural building in Scandinavia in the coming decades, has come one step closer to realisation.

    Read more about the project

    Ulleroedgaard View AART medium
    Denmark | 17.05.2021

    Wins competition for community-based housing project

    Working with the client Cordsen Ejendomme, our vision for Ullerødgaard in Kokkeldal is to rethink an existing park and property to give space to alternative forms of housing in a community-based green area. This is a place where senior citizens can live with families in housing clusters that form small communities. They can meet, greet and share their lives while still having their own private homes.

    Read more about the project

    Halden Brandstation AART BIG
    Norway | 05.05.2021

    We have sketched out a new fire station in Halden

    In collaboration with Norconsult, we have sketched out a new fire station for Halden Kommune. Centrally located between two main roads, close to everything, and overlooking the surrounding landscape, our design is a modern and recognizable fire station with upgraded emergency facilities that will provide visibility, closeness and safety to the citizens of Halden. With a charred wood-paneled facade, a traditional Japanese method, the fire station will not only blend in with the dark, spruce-covered ridge in the background, but also protect it from fungal growth and in case of fire.

    Kristoffer Rye Rasmussen web
    Denmark | 27.04.2021

    Kristoffer Rye Rasmussen as new project manager

    As the new project manager in Aarhus, Kristoffer Rye Rasmussen will be leading some our biggest construction projects, including the development of the new Aarhus BSS in the University City. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Kristoffer has a great architectural, construction technical and managerial insight, just as he is the guarantor of carrying out large, complex construction cases in both private and public sector with many stakeholders and user groups involved. We are happy to welcome him back to the team.

    1 Aart Stemning F3 I1972 Low
    Denmark | 23.04.2021

    We are behind three research projects

    We are currently behind three entire Ph.D’s. Eszter Sántha is examining architecture’s potential to create social and socio-economic value, Mia Kruse Rasmussen is exploring the relationship between people and buildings through ‘Social Commissioning’, and Stina Rask Jensen is researching social value creation in sustainable renovation of housing. This is a costly affair, but an essential one, because we believe that through well-documented research, we can gain important new knowledge– and thus truly achieve our ambition to make an impact and nothing less.

    AART architects Campus for Aarhus Universitet 01
    Denmark | 22.04.2021

    The University City is precertified for DGNB-Gold

    Together with our team from E + N Arkitektur and LYTT Architecture, we are proud that our design of the University City of Aarhus has been pre-certified for DGNB Gold - Denmark's leading standard for sustainable construction and urban development by Green Building Council Denmark. This is an important step in FEAS 'ambitious transformation of the University City - from a historic hospital to a sustainable and integrated city campus - to the benefit of Aarhus University and the city in a broader perspective.

    Hammel red 2 AART
    Danmark | 21.04.2021

    Prequalified for competition to transform residential project in Hammel

    Together with MOE, we have been prequalified for the competition to develop a new residential project for AL2’s department in Hammel, Denmark. The purpose behind the project is to create a set of good modern homes, while respecting the cultural heritage and unique identity by renovating the department’s main building from 1899. The project lies great emphasis on diversity, green outdoor areas, and sustainability. We are one of five team prequalified for the competition that 13 teams bid in on.

    1 effekt AART Bikuben Student Residence
    Denmark | 16.04.2021

    We are giving input to the EU Commission

    Recently, our Head of Impact, Johanne Mose Entwistle, guested the digital conference ‘EU’s 2050 Roadmap for Reducing Whole Life-cycle Carbon Emissions in Buildings’ hosted by the European Commission to talk about how we create both a social, environmental, and economic impact through a strategic approach to architecture. She did this based on some of our most impactful projects such as Bikuben, NYE and Musholm, that showcases the important role of architecture in shaping behaviour and thus in creating accumulated sustainable impact, we can achieve our goals and change the world around us.

    Csm Aarhus BSS Auditoriebygning paa Plads 1 003 4ab4bedee7
    Danmark | 12.04.2021

    We have won the competition to develop Aarhus BSS

    Together with A. Enggaard, LYTT and Niras, we have won the competition to develop the new Aarhus BSS in the University City. Flexible teaching and study environments, good space utilization, sustainable solutions and architectural qualities are all key elements in our winning proposal for the new Aarhus BSS that with its 37,000 square meters will make up almost a third of the University City's area. With our winning proposal, we have also strived to hit an elegant continuation of the existing building while adding something new and distinctive - this applies, for example, to the round, centrally located auditorium with room for as many as 800 people.

    Luftfoto gellerup
    Denmark | 07.04.2021

    We have prequalified for the competition to design new school in Aarhus

    We have prequalified for the competition to design the new public school and leisure centre in Gellerup, Denmark. The new school will house around 600 students and a new after school care, while the leisure centre will provide plenty of space for recreational activities, play and learning. The project is a part of Aarhus Kommune’s plan to revitalize and develop Gellerup into an attractive district that will bring new residents and breathe new life into the area. Together with MT Højgaard, Proces Arkitekter, Sweco and Vega, we are pleased to be among the four teams competing for this project.

    Read more about the competition

    133 RADIUM bird
    Norway | 05.04.2021

    Unveiling the design of Norway’s leading cancer treatment facility

    We are pleased to unveil the design of the new proton treatment facility at Radiumhospitalet in Oslo. As a part of the project, we are designing a four-story high glass corridor that will connect the new treatment facility with the existing hospital. With its variety of functions such as a café, green atrium and exhibition area, the glass corridor will not only link together the hospital, but also create a healing communication artery that will connect staff, patients, and relatives. The project is being developed together with Norconsult, Helse Sør-Øst, Momentum Arkitekter, Henning Larsen Architects, Sykehusbygg HF, Oslo University Hospital and Bygganalyse.

    Aart Stemning DSCF7019 Low
    Denmark | 22.03.2021

    We have prequalified for competition to extent school in Rødovre

    We have prequalified for the competition to design the extension of Valhøj School in Rødovre, Denmark. No less than 19 teams applied to participate in the competition arranged by Rødovre Municipality to extend the school, which includes approximately 4,500 sqm of new construction and a new multi-purpose hall of approximately 2,000 sqm as well as a conversion of the existing sports facilities. Together with MOE and Thing Brandt Landskab as sub-consultants, we are pleased to be among the three teams competing for this project.

    Strandbakkehus Borne og ungehospice AART 39 Low
    Denmark | 19.03.2021

    Hospice recognised as this year’s best Danish healthcare building

    The new children and youth hospice, Strandbakkehuset, in Rønde has been recognised as the best healthcare building in 2021 in Denmark by Nohrcon. A public vote and a professional jury decided that it was the hospice for severely affected children and young people that deserved the recognition this year. The jury highlighted, among other things, how the building beautifully fits into the landscape and shows great empathy for the needs of the particularly vulnerable people.

    Read more about the hospice

    Seniorbofaellesskab Kildebjerg Ry Ved soen AART
    Danmark | 17.03.2021

    Designing senior co-housing community in scenic surroundings

    The community and the environment have been considered right from the start into the development of 60 new senior homes - beautifully located in the Highland of Lakes in central Jutland. Behind the project is SØM Ejendomme for whom we collabroated with Kaj Ove Madsen to create a new senior co-housing community. With the architecture, we unite the landscape with the community in the best possible way. The houses are thus fitted into the hilly landscape, so that they all have a view of the green surroundings and close contact to the many community-giving facilities. A community-creating framework for an active senior life, supported by a solid choice of materials, beautifully matched to its surroundings.

    AART Aarhus Office Low
    Denmark | 16.03.2021

    We are further upgrading our DGNB skills

    Architects Rasmus Højkjær Larsen and Tina Fure Bottolfs have completed their training as DGNB consultants in “Urban Districts” and “Sustainable Buildings and Urban Districts” respectively from Green Building Council Denmark. DGNB is Denmark's leading standard for sustainable building certification, and with their completed education, Tina and Rasmus are ready to share their newly gained knowledge with our clients on how to develop buildings and urban districts that live up to all aspects of sustainability such as environmental, sociocultural, technological, processes and construction aspects. In this way, we are further upgrading our sustainable skills so that we can continue to develop and create change for our clients and for society.

    Pressefoto Visualisering af ny multisal pa Moltrup Optagelseshjem Interior AART
    Danmark | 10.03.2021

    Breaking ground for multi-purpose hall for homeless men

    Last week, we broke ground for Møltrup Optagelseshjem's new multi-purpose hall, which we are developing together with C. C. Contractor. In 2019, we won the parallel assignment by Realdania to develop the process and concept for the expansion of Møltrup Optagelseshjem, a home to homeless men of all ages who wish to put alcohol and drugs behind them. The result is a so-called Living Space for recreational activities with a focus on giving the residents the courage and resources to return to society. The project is supported by Realdania, Herning Municipality, Støttefonden for Møltrup Optagelseshjem as well as donations from private investors.

    Susanne Klaus Kathrine Karsten Nye partnere AART rev
    Skandinavien | 09.03.2021

    We are expanding our partner group

    In recent years, we have experienced healthy growth with continued collaborations with ambitious developers throughout Scandinavia. It is therefore a natural step in our growth, professional foundation and continued client focus to expand the circle of partners. It is thus with pleasure that we are announcing that Kathrine Hegner Stærmose, our Business Relationship Manager in Denmark, and Karsten Sinning, team leader, will join as new partners in the management of our Danish activities, while Susanne Joys, our Business Relationship Manager in Norway, and Klaus Mikkelsen, Head of Operations in Norway, will join as new partners in the management of our Norwegian activities.

    Read the press release about our Danish partner apppointments

    Read the press release about our Norwegian partner appointments

    Aart Stemning DSCF6954 2 Low
    Norge | 04.03.2021

    We are now offering consulting in BREEAM

    Sustainability Manager Stephanie Carr has completed her training as a BREEAM-NOR AP. BREEAM is one of the world's leading sustainability certification methods for construction projects, and with her new title, Stephanie is ready to advise our customers on developing buildings according to the BREEAM-NOR standards applicable to sustainable construction in Norway. We are thus upgrading our sustainable foundation, as we believe that by strengthening our competencies in certifications, we can put action behind our words - and in this way create a positive effect for our customers and for the industry.

    Aart Stemning F3 I0810 Low
    Denmark | 01.03.2021

    New business PhD studies the social life cycle of buildings

    In a new business PhD project titled 'Social Commissioning', our anthropologist Mia Kruse Rasmussen will examine how architecture can help strengthen the social life cycle of buildings, through an increased focus on commissioning and operation based on social value creation and users' well-being. The project is anchored at AU Engineering and part of the Circular Built Environment Research Network, supported by Realdania and the Innovation Fund.

    Aart Stemning DSCF6929 32 Low
    Denmark | 24.02.2021

    We are now offering consulting in the WELL Building Standard

    Architect Kristian Knorr has completed his training to become a WELL Accredited Professional (WELL AP). WELL is the leading method of advancing health and well-being in buildings worldwide – and with Kristian as a WELL AP, we are now offering consulting in the WELL Building Standard. This means that we are able to identify and qualify buildings with a focus on their effect on social sustainability, including air quality, exercise opportunities, stress factors, and light conditions. This is vital knowledge for understanding the broader impact of architecture, and how we can help to create even healthier buildings for our clients and users.

    Read more about the WELL Building Standard

    Helse Stavanger 2
    Norway | 11.02.2021

    Stavanger University Hospital named the world’s best BIM project

    The development of Stavanger University Hospital has been named number 1 in the world for the use of BIM. We are honoured for this recognition by BIM+ and to be part of such a large-scale digital forefront building project. With its more than 200,000 square metres, Stavanger University Hospital is currently one of the biggest construction sites in Scandinavia. Creating a project of this scale and complexity, which requires a high degree of flexibility and adaptability, is a demanding task. To realise the project and meet its goals, our team, including Nordic, Cowi and SLA, took to the next level a modular approach to design, project planning and construction.

    Read more

    Aart Stemning F3 I0870 Low
    Denmark | 09.02.2021

    Business PhD reaches a milestone

    Our business PhD, the first of its kind to examine how architecture can have an ability to create social and socio-economic value, has reached a milestone – its first year of research. According to PhD student Eszter Sántha, the PhD has already offered a lot of learning, where she has examined how strategically selected architectural instruments such as daylight, disposition and choice of material potentially supports architecture’s ability to create value for everyone involved. The three-year research project is conducted in collaboration with Aalborg University and the University of Copenhagen, and funded together with Innovationsfonden.

    123 SKI Hotel Pa LOW
    Norway | 05.02.2021

    We have won the competition to design Ski station

    We have won the competition to design Ski station south of Oslo – an ambitious project for Bane NOR Eiendom with the aim to transform the 140,000 square metre station area into a mixed district with homes, shops, offices and hotels. Together with SLA, we have won the assignment to transform the eastern part of the area into a combination of offices and a hotel that will rise from two floors up to 15, contributing to Ski’s central importance for the entire region of Follo.

    Denmark | 03.02.2021

    We welcome our new team leader in Copenhagen

    As team leader, Michael Hedegaard Andersen will lead our Copenhagen team of architects and constructing architects on a day-to-day basis. He will also ensure that our shared visions with clients and business partners are implemented into our many projects, so that we continue to create projects of high architectural quality and, not least, with a well-documented impact on organisations and communities. He comes with great dedication and many years of experience as a lead architect, and we are very excited to welcome him to our Copenhagen office at the top of Islands Brygge.

    H Huset 04 Low
    Sweden | 01.02.2021

    We have completed the expansion of the Örebro University Hospital

    Together with Sweco, we have expanded the Örebro University Hospital in Sweden with the 40,000 humane and highly specialised square metres. With the expansion, we have created a flexible space that can change in pace with the constantly evolving field of healthcare. A new arrival square ensures the patients a safe space right from the beginning, while the building’s comb structure creates optimal daylight conditions and workflow within the hospital, thus, making Örebro University Hospital one for the future.

    Read more

    1 Nye AART Foto Taekker
    Denmark | 29.01.2021

    We have completed yet another part of Nye

    We have completed yet another stage in the development of Nye – a sustainable city that is emerging north of Aarhus. The first residents have already moved into the 20 apartments spread across the two newly completed buildings which have both the environment and the community as their focus. In addition to being built in wood, taking advantage of the view, and recovering and utilising rainwater, these buildings also house shared office space for entrepreneurs and freelancers. With this new stage developed together with Q-Construction, we thus build on Tækker's vision for Nye; namely to create a city that in its mindset and functionality inspires a local commitment and sense of community, with a deep awareness of sustainability.

    Aart Stemning F3 I1972 Low
    Denmark | 26.01.2021

    New online tool evaluates our indoor well-being

    Together with Green Building Council Denmark, Rambøll, the Danish Association of Architectural Firms, CBS and Lynge Benchmark, we have developed a new Post Occupancy Evaluation Platform – an online tool that will evaluate how buildings can ensure our well-being. The ambition with the tool is to make it easier to work with optimisation of well-being in buildings by systematically investigating and asking the users about their experiences. We are primarily contributing our expertise in qualitative evaluation methods and how these can be combined with questionnaires. In this way, we are putting the user at the centre of the building. The project is supported by Realdania.

    Read more

    Tordenskiold Brygge Morten Obbink AART L 1
    Norway | 25.01.2021

    We have completed Tordenskiold Brygge in Fredrikstad

    Together with Jaca Eindom, we have desigined Tordenskiold Brygge in Frederikstad - a mixed-use development right next to the river. Designed as a hybrid between the classic block and the terraced landscape, this reinterpreted residential building promotes a recreational urban life with a view of the river. An oasis in the very heart of the city where shops open the ground floor towards urban life, and roof terraces open the upper floors towards the river to take full advantage of the daylight and the view.

    Read more

    2020 12 21 Hygiejnemobel Pakhusene 02
    Denmark | 13.01.2021

    Designed to sharpen our focus on hygiene

    Covid-19 has created a new normal, with a sharpened focus on hygiene for all of us. Together with Stærmose Industry, our design studio, AART Designers, has therefore developed a new piece of hygiene furniture which, after a successful testing period with feedback from pupils, teachers and parents, has been finalised and is ready for delivery to schools, institutions and companies. It is now on display at our office in Pakhusene on Aarhus Ø, where it can be seen from the street and demonstrated by appointment.

    Read more

    AART Ragsved med SKY
    Sweden | 12.01.2021

    We are developing housing district project in Stockholm

    Together with NRE, we will develop a new housing district project on Bjursätrahöjden in Rågsved, in the south of Stockholm. The project is the result of a public tender arranged by the City of Stockholm. It has been developed to support the vision for the overall urban development of the districts of Rågsved and Hagsätra, which in the coming years will create conditions for 3,000 new homes and associated businesses, while strengthening the social cohesion of the districts. The project is therefore based on a holistic perspective where the architecture, with its choice of materials and its diversity of urban spaces and housing typologies, will help to densify the district and reconnect it – carefully adapted to both the context and the climate.

    Read more

    TSL AART Interview
    Scandinavia | 01.01.2021

    It is safe to say that 2020 was an exceptional year

    For us, it was also the year we reached a huge milestone, as we celebrated our 20 year anniversary. In an interview on the front page of Jyllands-Posten – published just before New Year’s Eve – our founding partner and CEO, Torben Skovbjerg, looks back on our journey through the years – from today's offices across Scandinavia to the studio flat in the heart of Aarhus where it all began 20 years ago.

    Read the interview

    Filmbyen Aarhus 20201029 TH 0073 Low
    Denmark | 15.12.2020

    We have completed the expansion of Film City Aarhus

    We have expanded Film City Aarhus with a 4,400 sqm creative powerhouse for film and media production as well as an elevated urban space, which – from the end of 2021 – will give visitors the opportunity to dive into the wonders of the digital, visual world through a dynamic interaction between architecture and video art. With the expansion, Film City Aarhus will thus rise to the occasion, not only as Denmark's largest cluster of digital visual companies, but also as a new destination for the citizens and visitors of Aahus.

    Read more about Film City Aarhus

    UN 17 SDG Publication AART 2
    Denmark | 14.12.2020

    Musholm paves the way for the UN Sustainable Development Goals

    Our design, Musholm in Korsør, and the documentation of its impact on the UN Sustainable Development Goals is featured in the new publication "An Architecture Guide to the UN 17 Sustainable Goals" by UN. Here, the holiday centre's multi-purpose hall is highlighted as an example on how architecture can increase the quality of life and thus promote inclusion by removing psysical barriers for people with disabilities - so they can live an active life.

    Read more about Musholm

    Pakhusene Aarhus 20201029 TH 0019
    Denmark | 11.12.2020

    We have completed Pakhusene in Aarhus

    Together with MOE and Kaj Ove Madsen, we have finished and delivered the second and last stage of our design of Pakhusene on Aarhus Ø to PFA Ejendomme. Pakhusene is heavily inspired by sharing-economy. Here, companies and residents have the opportunity to share a wide range of facilities - from gym to harbour bath to canteen, meeting rooms, and a large roof top terrace. All with the one goal of creating a sustainable powerhouse with community at its centre. A powerhouse that stems with life from early morning into the evening.

    Read more about Pakhusene

    Denmark | 10.12.2020

    We welcome our new Head of Operations

    As our new Head of Operations in Denmark, Maria Styrbæk Kristensen will become a vital part of our Danish practice. She will concentrate on further developing our workflow, staffing schedules, and contractual relationships, so that we continue to design and deliver projects of high architectural quality, to the benefit of our clients and collaborators. She arrives with a vast experience in precisely this field, and we are looking forward to bringing her expertise into play as part of our practice.

    2 St Olavsplass Low
    Norge | 07.12.2020

    We are moving into iconic building in Oslo

    We have entered into a lease agreement with Entra for approx. 800 square meters in the iconic «Erling Viksjø building» in Tullin in central Oslo with planned takeover of the premises at St. Olavs Plass 5 in the third quarter of 2022. The iconic building is to be completely renovated, and we are very excited about the renovation of the building, where we look forward to moving into premises that suit our identity and passion for architecture and urban development - and where we are given space to grow and develop.

    Koge Kyst AART 1 Low
    Danmark | 03.12.2020

    We are designing a warehouse-inspired residential project in Køge

    Together with KPC, we have drawn a new housing block on Søndre Havn in Køge, Denmark. The architecture is heavily inspired by old warehouses and pays tribute to the life and history of the harbour. The sketching-project has just recently been approved by the Køge Kyst board members, and we are looking forward to contribute to the development of the project. Not at least, because a thinktank with experts in the field of urban development and housing - including our own anthropologists from our impact team - from the beginning they have given input that focuses on quality, sustainability, and community.

    Read more about the project

    Naestved 20201007 TH 0517 Low
    Danmark | 02.12.2020

    The Danish Immigration Service’s new head office is complete

    Together with A. Enggaard and Arne Elkjær, we have designed and built the new head office for the Danish Immigration Service in Næstved, which has now been taken into use by the city's citizens and the agency's 400 employees. The 9,900 square meter head office, which is located centrally in the city center, is part of the government's large-scale plan to move public workplaces outside Copenhagen.

    1 Ski Station AART SLA
    Norway | 24.11.2020

    We have submitted our proposal for the future Ski Station south of Oslo

    We have submitted our proposal for the transformation of the 140,000 square meter Ski Station, south of Oslo. Bane NOR Eiendom has now revealed the proposals for how the area, that is primarily used as commuter parking today, can be transformed into a mixed-use district with residential and commercial functions in a close symbiosis with the existing public transport hub. With the proposals from the three architectural teams revealed, we are looking forward to the winning proposal will be announced in the upcoming month.

    Denmark | 18.11.2020

    We have handed over HI:LIFE in Aarhus

    In collabroation with Konstruct, NCC and MOE, we have delivered the last 130 of the total 234 flats of HI:LIFE - a 17,500 square meter housing project in northern Aarhus. Located close the city's many educational institutions and with great opportunity to enjoy the day and socialise in gardens, roof-tops, and balconies, HI:LIFE makes the perfect space for student life.

    Read more about the project

    1 Beyond buildings 2
    Denmark | 13.11.2020

    AART projects promote Danish architecture

    Our designs of The School on Duevej, Frederiksberg, and the future South Harbour District, Aarhus, are featured in the new publication ‘Beyond Buildings’. With the publication, Creative Denmark is highlighting our projects as cases on how architecture can enhance quality of life and support a more sustainable development. To mark the launch of the publication, AART partner Anders Strange spoke at an virtual conference in New York City together with Danish Minister of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, Simon Kollerup, amongst others on the impact of architecture and its role as key element in creating sustainable cities and societies.

    Untitled 1
    Denmark / 01.11.2020

    Outlining a combined civic centre and town hall

    Together with LYTT Architecture, as the full-service consultant, and we, as the sub-consultants, been chosen by Mariagerfjord Municipality to make the preliminary examination and draw the outline of the proposed town hall and civic centre in Hobro, Denmark. Currently, the administration of the municipality is spread across tree different locations in Hobro town. With the new town hall and civic centre, we will connect the many culture facilities in one place – and, thus, create a cultural beacon for the town and the entire municipality.

    “We want to create a living town center with varied and exciting retail options, as well as easy access to the culture facilities. Therefore, we wish to strengthen local businesses and culture life in the town center. Here, a combined civic centre and town hall will make such a dynamo that will generate livelihood to the town center from morning to evening,” says the mayor of Mariagerfjord, Mogens Jespersen, on project.

    The preliminary examination is expected to be finished by Spring 2021. Subsequently, the municipality will decide the future of the project.

    Perspektiv VERKPLASSEN rettelser LKR High
    Norway/ 29.10.2020

    Creates landmark for Verket

    With its central location and its strong references to the district's paper-industrial history, The Paper House will stand as a landmark for new district Verket in Moss. Therefore, we are happy to reveal this project that with green roof top garden and BREEAM-certification, is designed with both the environment and people in mind. The Paper House will consist of 34 flats, while the ground level will open towards the street with cafées and stores, thus, making the house an integrated part of the district close to both city and fjord. Höegh Eindom is the developer behind the project, and constructions is expected to begin in early 2021.

    Verket Moss Visualisering Bydelsplassen Low
    Norway / 22.10.2020

    Verket nominated for Norwegian award

    Verket in Moss is nominated for the BOBY-award for ‘Best Urban Planning Project’ by Norsk Bolig og Byplanforening (BOBY). The award honours urban planning projects, that with quality, content, and innovation, insures a sustainable and thoroughly planned urban development, with the purpose of raising the interest of society for urban planning in general.

    Read more about Verket

    AART Knaek Cancer 2020 2
    Denmark 17.10.2020

    Supports Knæk Cancer with DKK 100.000

    Again this year, we are proud to support Denmark's largets iniativ against cancer, Knæk Cancer, with 100.000 Danish Kroner. It is an illness that hits every third of us and makes the rest of us victims. The good news is that the majority survives cancer. But we wish to raise the bar, so that even less becomes sick with cancer, and more survice. Therefore, we see it as natural that we continue to support research, patient care, and prevention, so that together can contribute to create a positive impact and combat cancer.

    Konference om seniorboliger Byens Ejendom Oktober 2002 AART 1
    Danmark / 12.10.2020

    Keynote speaker at conference on senior co-housing

    Last week, our Business Relations Manager, Kathrine Hegner Stærmose, guested the conference 'Seniorbofællesskaber' hosted by Byens Ejendom in Copenhagen to talk about how we create the senior co-housing communities of the future. She did this based on our recent opened design 'Havtorn' – a new type of senior co-housing community, situated in the rural landscape of western Jutland near Ringkøbing. Here, the classic co-housing community concept with private gardens is discarded – to instead make space for a wealth of diverse shared facilities closely integrated with the dwellings, that includes orangery, workshop, library and green spaces – thus, fostering a sense of community and an active senior life.

    Read more about Havtorn

    AART Fotexhus Fotograf Jacob Due High 1
    Danmark / 09.10.2020

    Føtexhus completed at Vejle Habour

    Together with Raundahl & Moesby and Ingeniøerne, we are pleased to announce that Føtexhus situated right next to Vejle Harbour, Denmark, is finished and has been handed over to Salling Group. This 8,000 square metre building has been designed as Salling Group's first mixed-use property with the aim to provide a mix of housing and shops that will inject renewed life into this prominent but formerly neglected area at the transition between the harbour and the city centre.

    Read more about Føtexhus

    INCUBA Next Eksterior AART
    Danmark / 07.10.2020

    Aarhus gets new 18 floor beacon of growth

    Aarhus will have a new beacon of growth when INCUBA expands by 20,000 hypermodern square meters to growth-oriented technology companies in the centre of Katrinebjerg's IT and innovation environment. As the architectural consultant - and sub-consultant to Rambøll - we have been responsible for the design and planning of the growth beacon, INCUBA Next, until the project, which has now been sent out to tender among five contractors. Next year, together with INCUBA and Rambøll, we will participate in the negotiations with the contractors with subsequent construction start in 2022 and completion in 2024.

    Read more about INCUBA Next

    Huset pa Torvet PLAZA AART
    Danmark / 05.10.2020

    Architecture with an eye for both the environment and the community

    For Aarhus Municipality and Boligforeningen Aarhus Omegn, we have won the competition for a new sustainable office and community center in Viby Syd in Aarhus. Viby Syd is well on its way to developing from a congested residential area to a mixed district, and as a wooden house with the environment and people in mind, the office and community center will give the district a sustainable boost, so it becomes a healthy and socially stimulating place to live. work and, yes, live his everyday life. It is with LYTT and Moe as sub-consultants that we have won the competition, where the start of construction is planned for 2022 and moving in for 2023.

    Read more about the office and community center

    3 Seniorbofaellesskab Soren Palmelund
    Danmark / 02.10.2020

    New co-housing community fits the life of an active senior

    Together with Realdania By og Byg, we now welcome the first residents to Havtorn – a new kind of senior co-housing community situated right in the very nature of western Jutland as part of the new nature district Ringkøbing K. Here, the classic co-housing community with private gardens have been discarded. Instead, the co-housing community is made of 14 residences and several shared facilities – from workshops to libraries, orangeries, and much more, with the goal to create a place where the residents can live an active senior life with community at the centre.

    Read more about the co-housing community

    Stephanie Carr 01 Low
    Denmark / 28.09.2020

    Stephanie Carr joins Sustainable Change Makers

    Our Sustainability Manager, Stephanie Carr, has been selected to join the network Sustainable Change Makers where she will be contributing to promote the sustainable agenda together with 60 other young talents from different fields of business. In addition, she will include the network into our work to make our buildings even more sustainable.

    “I believe that there is a lot to learn from the network. It is young entrepreneurs that have completely different demands and expectations to their surroundings and sustainability. Therefore, it is important to understand and listen to these voices as they to a greater extent are the ones that we create buildings to in the future,” says Stephanie Carr.

    Read more about Sustainable Change Makers

    Musholm KSM4390 Low
    Denmark / 23.09.2020

    Translating the SDGs into architecture

    Our design of Musholm in Korsør, Denmark, and its impact on the Sustainable Development Goals is featured in the new publication “De 17 verdensmål – sådan kommer I i gang”. With the publication, the Danish Association of Architectural Firms shows architects how to translate the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals into architecture, for instance by highlighting Musholm as a case on how architecture can increase inclusion by creating accessible holiday experiences for everyone, regardless of handicap.

    Read publication

    AART Staermose Hygiejnemobel 01
    Denmark / 18.09.2020

    Develops hygiene-furniture to battle Covid-19

    Covid-19 has created a new everyday life with the risk of illness at close hand. An uncertain situation that demands an increased focus on, not just hygeine, but also safety - especially for our children. In collabroation with Stærmose Industry, our design unit, AART Designers, have developed a prototype for a new hygeine-furniture with this in mind. With this design, we have created a user friendly piece in children's reach, where water, soap, sanitizer, paper, and rubbish is shielded and clad in rounded shapes and colours, so that the furniture can be easily integrated in existing child environments. The aim is to dedramatize Covid-19 by making hygeine a safe and integrated part of school and daycare life. At the same time, the lack of sharp corners creates safety for the youngest, while the rounded shapes and hidden connections facilitates cleaning and raises hygeine. The prototype will be tested by a school and we are looking forward to receiving feedback from children, teachers, and parents.

    EY Entrepreneur of the Year Nominering AART 2019
    Denmark / 17.09.2020

    Nominated for entrepreneur of the year

    For the third year in a row, we’ve been nominated for EY Entrepreneur of the Year. Not only is it one of the world’s most acclaimed awards for entrepreneurs, but it also stands out by considering companies’ commitment to creating impact as much as their financial growth – and this is why we are honored to be in the running for the award. Because, we believe in developing organisations and communities with architecture as a catalyst. This is our purpose, which has driven our work in architecture for 20 years.

    OUH Psykiatri Region Midtjylland
    Denmark / 14.09.2020

    Prequalified for new psychiatry unit

    We have been prequalified alongside A. Enggaard and Niras to give our take on the design of the future psychiatry unit at Odense University Hospital, to include eight wards with 142 beds, a tele-psychiatry centre, research facilities, and administration department. The project is to be a public-private partnership by which the project terms, in addition to the design, also include the operation and maintenance of the 20,000 sqm psychiatry building for a period of 20 years. Image: The Region of Southern Denmark

    Inclusion Nudges Book Including Bibuken Student Residence 2020
    Denmak / 17.08.2020

    Making a positive social impact

    Our impact case on the Bikuben Student Residence in Copenhagen is part of the new book “Inclusion Nudges”. In the book, anthropologist Tinna C. Nielsen advocates that we – as a society – need to design cities, environments and processes based on behavioural insights to foster inclusive behaviour, interactions and decision-making. We fully agree with these views. In fact, so much so, that we revisit our completed buildings to document how – and to what extent – they are making a positive social impact.

    Kathrine H Staermose AART
    Denmark / 13.08.2020

    New Business Relation Manager

    Kathrine Hegner Stærmose is appointed our new Business Relation Manager in Denmark with focus on creating even better relations, collabroations, and projects. As previous head of our concept development team, she has extensive experience in sketching out and generating ideas, and empathisising with our clients' world. This experience will also define her new position, as she and her team will be able to conceptualize visions already in the early dialogue stage with our clients, and thus ensure a good starting point for further co-operation.

    Gardrum NY
    Danmark / 06.08.2020

    New residential development in Aarhus

    We have designed a new residential development in the northern part of Aarhus. Over the next couple of years, the 16,600 sqm development will take shape, so it, by 2021-2022, will offer 225 apartments for students, young families and senior citizens as part of the new district Risskov Engby. Community, sustainability and accessibility are essential aspects of the development, which we are developing together with KPC, Raundahl & Moesby and Heimstaden.

    AART Moltrup Optagelseshjem 03
    Danmark / 27.07.2020 27.07.2020

    Architecture with social ambitions

    A new multi-purpose hall at Møltrup Optagelseshjem near Herning, Denmark, gives homeless men a normal everyday life with more space for activity and community in their spare time - and with a one million grand from Realdania and Herning Municipality, the project will soon become a reality.

    Læs mere

    Naturinstitution facaderender
    Denmark / 30.06.2020

    AART designs sustainable day care centre

    We have won the competition to design a sustainable forest and nature day care centre in Hornslet, Denmark. Designed to interact with the scenic surroundings and promote the young users’ well-being, the 1,000 sqm day care centre will include a nursery and childcare distributed in the two wings, with a large and centrally located communal square linking all the functions together. We look forward to taking on the task together with Vognsen & Co. and Henry Berthelsen.

    SPACE silver angled
    Product design 24.06.2020

    Launching Space

    Udlaendingestyrelsen Indvielse Minister A Enggaard
    Danmark / 19.06.2020

    Minister initiates new head office for the Danish Immigration Service

    On Thursday June 18, the Danish Minister of Immigration Mattias Tesfaye cut the string for the Danish Immigration Service's new head office in Næstved, that will house the board's 400 employees and a citizen service centre. Besides Mattias Tesfaye, Minister of Transportation and Housing Kaare Dybvad and many more held speaches.

    Læs mere om det nye hovedkontor

    2020 06 12 STAY 04
    Scandinavia / 12.06.2020

    Launching the stylish and functional STAY

    With STAY, we have combined high functionality and flexibility with the need to foster a more homely and less stressful institutional atmosphere. The result is a combination of a sofa, a chaise longue and a bed, which fuses our design knowledge with our vast experience of Scandinavian healthcare architecture. We have, thus, created a piece of furniture designed for an environment demanding the highest flexibility, endurance and hygiene – and with its stylish, yet simple design, it will also suit the annex, summer cottage or the like.

    Read more about STAY

    1 Stephanie Carr AART Linked In
    Scandinavia / 11.06.2020

    Stephanie Carr joins AART as Head of Sustainability

    Stephanie Carr has a deep knowlegde and wide range of experience in sustainable building and certifcation orders, including DGNB and BREEAM, and as Head of Sustainability, she will be at the head of our sustainable architecture across Scandinavia.

    AART days 2019 01 H
    Denmark / 10.06.2020

    AART is to research the impact of architecture

    Together with Aalborg University and Copenhagen University, we are behind a new business-ph.d. The first of its kind to examine how architecture can have an ability to create social and socio-economic impact.

    Domkyrkoberget V3 AART
    Sweden / 03.06.2020

    Winning proposal for Strängnäs Cathedral

    Ahead of 97 submitted proposals, we have won the internationally-open competition to restore and develop Sweden's best-maintained medieval church, Strängnäs Cathedral west of Stockholm

    Pressefoto Markus Grieser Partner og leder af svensk kontor Fotograf Helene Hoyer Mikkelsen
    Sweden / 28.05.2020

    Swedish office opening

    With our long-standing commitment in Sweden, we have made thorough preparations, and our new office in Djurgården in the central part of Stockholm is, therefore, the natural next step in our Scandinavian strategy. Our aim is to grow in each of the Scandinavian countries by offering impact-based architectural advice with a deep local understanding. Markus Grieser has been brought in as a partner and the manager of our office in Stockholm.

    Nyhed Miljofyrtarn AART 1
    Norway / 26.05.2020

    Certified as an Eco-lighthouse

    As an Eco-lighthouse, we have committed ourselves to considering the environment when planning and designing buildings. Environmental management with procedures that include an environmental audit and follow-up is, thus, an integrated part of our consultancy work. This means, among other things, that all of our projects will have an environmental manager and we have defined our own environmental policy with long-term environmental goals, all with the aim of making a difference to the environment for our clients and for society.

    AART Risskov Boliger 2020
    Denmark / 18.05.2020

    New residential development in Aarhus

    With its attractive location close to the light rail, the forest and the water, Enghaven Risskov is an ambitious residential development with a focus on community, sustainability and infrastructure. We are therefore very pleased to be able to announce that the development is now becoming a reality. Concurrent with the district plan, we developed the project and invited tenders together with KONstruct, Plusform and Moe – and this has resulted in Heimstaden deciding to invest in the project and MT Højgaard winning the turnkey contract. Over the next few years, Enghaven Risskov will therefore grow to become a rectangular unit and two winged units, and Aarhus residents will be able to rent the 248 new apartments in this attractive Risskov area starting in 2022.

    SUS2023 Byggeplads Maj 2020 3
    Norway / 15.05.2020

    Stavanger University Hospital rises as a landmark on Ullandhaug

    This has been achieved with the construction of the service core, which will rise almost 37 metres above ground and is expected to be completed by the end of May. With strict infection prevention measures in place, construction has maintained progress throughout the COVID-19 period, and the next step will be to erect the carcase itself. The hospital, which will include more than 200,000 healing square metres, is scheduled to be completed in 2023, and we are proud to be developing it together with our team from Nordic, SLA, Cowi, Aas-Jakobsen and Kruse-Smith.

    Read more about the hospital

    Denmark / 12.05.2020

    AART prequalified for new hospital pharmacy and hospital laundry

    The assignment covers the design, planning and construction of the hospital pharmacy and hospital laundry, which will consist of two buildings measuring 7,000-7,500 and 8,000-8,500 square metres respectively. The developer is the Central Denmark Region, which has decided to build the pharmacy and the laundry in close proximity to Aarhus University Hospital as three quarters of all work undertaken by the pharmacy and laundry will be in service of the hospital. The remaining fourth will be for the Central Denmark Region’s other hospitals.

    As an independent unit under the Central Denmark Region, the hospital pharmacy will manage the supply of medicines for the entire region, including the procurement, production and distribution of medicines to the region’s hospitals and other relevant units. The hospital laundry will be the biggest of its kind in Denmark and will undertake the internal laundering and distribution of hospital textiles in the Central Denmark Region.

    Eight teams applied to submit a bid for this turnkey contract. Out of those eight teams, the Central Denmark Region has chosen to prequalify four teams which the region believes stand out through the way in which they convincingly met all of the selection criteria. We are among the four prequalified teams and look forward to submitting our initial bid on 23 June.

    Ski station Bane Nor
    Norway / 24.04.2020

    AART participates in the competition for mixed-use district in Ski

    Today, commuter parking takes up most of the space around Ski Station, but Bane Nor Eiendom has ambitions to develop the area into a mixed-use district, including residential and commercial functions in tight symbiosis with the existing public transport hub. The ambition is to develop up to 140,000 square metres equivalent to an investment of around five billion Norwegian kroner (429 million euro).

    "Our goal is for more people to use public transport, to cycle or to walk in their daily lives, and that is something we can facilitate by developing home and office space by the Follo Line’s (ed. Follo is the name of a planned new double railway line between Oslo and Ski) largest interchange," explains Rune Breivik, Project Manager at Bane Nor Eiendom, in an article in the local newspaper.

    Much of the area is currently used for commuter parking by rail travellers. In order to promote public transport, Bane Nor Eiendom wishes to retain parking for the area’s many commuters, and this will therefore be incorporated into the development of the new district. As one of the three invited architectural teams, we have until the summer to develop our proposal for the district, after which all three proposals will be published so that local citizens can comment before the winning proposal is selected.

    Fugleperspektiv Ny Rosborg Lav oplosning
    Danmark / 23.04.2020

    Vejle City Council approves resilient development plan

    The development plan has been designed by a team with Møller & Grønborg at the forefront and AART and Niras as sub-advisors. As a team, we have extensive experience in resilient urban development, but the plan for Ny Rosborg is particularly challenging, as large parts of the district will be built on Vejle’s former landfill site. The development plan has, therefore, been designed to deal with a wide range of challenges compared to a greenfield site.

    To deal with the environmental challenges, the site has been divided into six islets, each of which will be a separate construction stage. The two eastern islets will be erected first and will include, among other things, a community centre with facilities especially for children. In addition to the environmental aspects, building a cohesive community is one focus of the development plan – and here the step-by-step division into islets is an advantage. With the islets, future residents will not only have close contact with the surrounding landscape, but the district on their islet will be fully completed before they move in. Thus, they will not have to live within a building site for many years to come. The expectation is, therefore, that it will be relatively quick to create an attractive district, which will be reinforced by the intervening landscapes and the aquatic environment.

    Read more about Ny Rosborg

    Birdview 2020 png WEB
    Denmark / 05.04.2020

    234 student accommodations soon to be completed in Aarhus

    Together with Konstruct, NCC and MOE, we are approaching the finishing line of the construction of 234 rented accommodations on Gøteborg Allé. In just three months, the first residents will move into this 17,500 m2 development, which has been designed to give young people the opportunity to meet, socialise and live their lives in courtyards and roof gardens, and on balconies. In the beginning of July, we will hand over 104 accommodations, while we will hand over the remaining 130 accommodations in September.

    2 AART Fjordsgade AART 2018
    Denmark / 28.03.2020

    Transformed school is in the running for Denmark’s best building renovation

    We have not only renovated the historic building in the heart of Fredriksbjerg in Aarhus. We have also transformed it into a diverse community centre where people of all ages can gather and do everything from yoga, boxing and e-sports to learning creative subjects, languages and music. With the transformation, we thus demonstrate how buildings worthy of preservation can be brought back into use, and with a deep respect for their period architecture, so that they may continue to benefit cities and local communities.

    Read more about the new Fjordsgade Community Centre

    AART Tiltag mod coronavirus
    Scandinavia / 12.03.2020

    Our initiatives against the coronavirus

    We work from home
    As of today, we have established home workplaces for all our employees in Aarhus, Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm. We have done this to reduce the risk of spreading infection, while ensuring efficient progress in the many projects to which we are contributing across the Scandinavian countries.

    We are fully contactable
    Our employees are fully contactable by e-mail and telephone for our clients and business partners. In addition, we will hold all agreed meetings via Skype, to maintain efficient progress and good communication in all our collaborations.

    Kungalv Sjukhus AART 35 Low
    Sweden / 09.03.2020

    First part of Kungälv Hospital completed

    In 2013, we won the competition, together with Sweco, to update Kungälv Hospital with a new main entrance, a new connecting building, two new wards and a remodelling of existing buildings. Overall, the hospital extension amounts to 30,000 square metres. Our vision was to create a safe treatment environment that help patient to heal and enhances staff workflows. We are now pleased to see this vision come to life with the commissioning of the connecting building and the first of the two new wards.

    Bydelsplassen verket
    Norway / 10.02.2020

    From industrial area to mixed district in Moss

    Voel Lokaplan AART

    District plan for residential area near Silkeborg

    Akutcenter Viborg AART 2

    A&E unit is shortlisted for MIPIM Awards 2020

    REGAN Vest AART Beskaret

    Winning proposal for Denmark’s new Cold War museum

    REGAN Vest is a nuclear-resistant bunker that was secretly built in the 1960s during the Cold War to house the monarch and government in case of a nuclear war. The 5,500-sqm bunker was listed worth preserving in 2014 and today it stands with all original interiors intact. When it opens to the public in 2021, access will only be available through guided tours, which is why a visitor centre with modern audience facilities, exhibitions and a teaching centre will be built next to the bunker. At a press conference on January 9, it was made official that we will head the team behind the design and construction of this project.

    “It is a unanimous jury that selected o the team, which, with its proposal, has created a solution in which the existing bunker and the associated engineering master's residence together with the unique natural area and the new visitor centre appear as a natural whole. The new visitor centre will be built as four partially buried boxes, which are hidden deep in the woods, gradually appearing for the visitors when they arrive. The flow between the four boxes, and between all parts of the new Cold War museum, has been resolved both logically and simply, and it will give visitors an exciting total experience,” said the Chairman of the Regan Vest Real Estate Fund, Claus Holm, at the press conference.

    Read more about the new Cold War museum

    2 F

    Vision proposals for NRK’s new headquarters

    Several property developers have shown an interest in the development of NRK's future headquarters. This includes Stor-Oslo Eiendom, for whom we have created a vision proposal for the development of the new headquarters for Norway's largest media company. With our proposal, we show the possibilities of establishing the headquarters in Linderud, north of Oslo, where the former and, today, conservation-worthy headquarters of Siemens can be transformed into the media city of the future – a media city that will offer a unique view of the Norwegian capital, while doing for the area at Groruddalen what the Opera has done for Bjørvika.

    “We believe that we can develop something spectacular with this project – just take the TV studios on the upper floors, which will offer a fantastic view. At the same time, we offer a large building plot. We are therefore not depending on NRK to enter the entire building. We are very flexible when it comes to NRK's needs,” says Mathis Grimstad, CEO of Stor-Oslo Eiendom.

    With our vision proposal, we show how the building plot in Linderud can meet NRK's wishes and requirements by embracing a wide range of functions, including other commercial players. In addition, we show how NRK will be able to build the media city of the future on a sustainable foundation. Because, by preserving Siemens’ former headquarters and transforming it for new purposes, the carbon emissions from production, processing and transport of materials, and thus also the climate footprint, are significantly reduced.

    Nye partnere Mads og Nanna Nyhed 2 AART

    Expanding our partner group

    “In recent years we have experienced an amazing development, with continued collaboration with ambitious builders throughout the Scandinavian countries. It is therefore a natural step in our growth and professional foundation to appoint Mads and Nanna as partners,” says Torben Skovbjerg Larsen, founding partner and CEO of AART.

    “Both are skilled and dedicated architects with deep roots in our AART DNA, and in their fields, each has played a vital part in the development of our consultancy and its most significant projects. In our partner group, we thus look forward to an even closer collaboration with both,” he adds.

    As partners, Mads Nygaard and Nanna Flintholm will work across our offices in Aarhus, Copenhagen and Oslo. Together with the partner group, they will head the development of our professional foundation and lift it into projects throughout Scandinavia, where we are currently contributing to the development of more than one million square meters across scale and sector.

    Read the press release (in Danish)

    AART Johanne Sykehusskonferansen 2019 Trondheim

    Keynote speaker at Norway’s biggest healthcare building conference

    Johanne Mose Entwistle heads our work in documenting the social and economic impact of our completed projects. She presented our work at this year's Norwegian healthcare building conference, where she linked our focus on documentation with our deep experience in healthcare architecture – because with more than 800,000 square metres under development, we are among Scandinavia's leading architectural firms in the healthcare sector.

    In front of 300 listeners, Entwistle talked about our strategic aim to use architecture as a catalyst for developing organisations and communities. Not least within the healthcare sector, where our documentation team collects impactful knowledge from our own projects and external research. A knowledge that we translate into decision support in our many projects – the latest example is our winning proposal for the children and youth hospice in Rønde, Denmark, where the documentation team opened up new perspectives on how to make a difference for the hospice’s children, young people and their families through field studies and thorough research.

    See our many projects within the Scandinavian healthcare sector

    AART Moltrup Optagelseshjem Multihal 01

    Selected to design multipurpose hall for homeless men

    Møltrup Optagelseshjem is a manor from the 18th century. But it is no ordinary manor. Today, it is home to homeless men of all ages who want to put alcohol and drugs behind them – and helping to run the manor is a natural part of everyday life for them.

    To empower the manor’s community, we have designed the new multipurpose hall as an inclusive concept. The aim is to create a so-called living space for movement, with new opportunities for leisure activities for those residents who are still too socially vulnerable to enter the outside community.

    Structurally, the idea is to extend the manor with a new wing, which will look like a natural extension of the existing classical building, so that the multipurpose hall weaves itself into the manor’s long history and its purpose today as a home for homeless men.

    "While having a deep respect for the history of the place, we want to signal that something special is happening here. At a distance, the multipurpose hall will, therefore, appear as a natural part of the existing classical building, while up close it will emerge as a versatile and transparent space in close contact with its surroundings," stated Mikkel Seier Christoffersen, head of transformation at AART.

    Read more about the project (in Danish)

    AART Website News New website

    Welcome to our new website

    Our ambition with this website is to provide an inspiring and easily accessible gateway into the world of AART, where our vision, mission and - not least - our value proposition to our clients and partners stands out clearly. That’s why you can - among many other things - read about our work on this website, not only with designing buildings and urban spaces, but also with documenting the impact of the possibilities we create with architecture. A deep dedication to developing organisations and communities is what has driven our work with architecture for almost two decades now - and with this relaunch of our website, we are presenting it in a new and improved digital format. We hope you’ll enjoy exploring our new website and learn more about our work with considering impact before form in our many partnerships across the countries of Scandinavia.

    Primo Bryn AART Low 2

    Seleced to design multi-functional commercial buildings in Oslo

    The new commercial buildings will house Bertel O. Steen’s new dealership facility containing the mobility solutions of the future. Together with Bertel O. Steen Eiendom, we are planning a variety of office functions and outward-facing business facilities on the ground floor. At the same time, the project takes advantage of the building site’s topography to create a close interaction with the future city district of Bryn. The construction project will result in three brick buildings linked together by a diagonal axis with a vibrant city square, well prepared for the future urban structure of Bryn.

    “Our aim is to erect a modern car facility, adapted to the municipality’s expectations for urban development of the building site and Bryn as a district, in addition to creating lots of office space and flexible, leasable areas on the ground floor. All buildings will be carefully adapted to the site’s topography and designed in such a way that we will spearhead the transformation of Bryn,” says Øivind Solbakken, Managing Director of Bertel O. Steen Eiendom.

    Borne og ungehospice Set fra soen AART High

    Winning proposal for children and youth hospice

    ”Vi fik fire rigtig fine forslag til det nye børne-og ungehospice, men jeg må indrømme, at CJ Group og AART arcitechts' hold slog benene væk under os, da de præsenterede deres projekt. Holdet har været enormt grundige i deres forarbejde og virkelig sat sig ind i, hvem vi bygger til, og hvad bygningen skal kunne. De har formået at skabe både den rummelighed og hjemlighed, som familierne har behov for, med masser af gemmesteder til de mindste børn, og nicher, hvor de unge kan slænge sig. Derudover har holdet skabt et hus med stor respekt for medarbejdernes dagligdag og arbejdsmiljø og de frivilliges funktion. Vi er stolte af at være nået så langt, og at 'mursten og tag' nu er sikret. Den næste store opgave er at indsamle midler til inventar, hjælpemidler og andet udstyr."

    Med de ord indrammer hospiceleder Dorit Simonsen vores vinderforslag til det nye vestdanske børne- og ungehospice, Strandbakkehuset, der opføres i tæt samspil med det eksisterende Hospice Djursland i Rønde. Det opføres som det første nybyggede børne- og ungehospice i Danmark og kommer til at rumme fire familieboliger, personaleafsnit og fællesfunktioner, der fordeler sig på 1.300 kvadratmeter i tæt kontakt med den omkringliggende natur. Byggeriet forventes at tage et år, så de første familier kan bydes velkommen allerede i november 2020.

    ”Det er en helt særlig opgave at bidrage til at løfte det nye børne- og ungehospice. For det kræver en dyb indlevelse at skabe rum for liv, leg og lindring. Ud over at skabe et tæt samspil med den omgivende natur og det smukke eksisterende hospice, har vi derfor også arbejdet bevidst med at skabe et sundt og stimulerende arbejdsmiljø. For vores antropologiske studier viser, at netop medarbejdernes trivsel er afgørende for at favne de børn, unge og familier, for hvem hospicet bliver deres hjem. Med arkitekturen har vi derfor søgt at skabe en lys, varm og hjemlig atmosfære med det menneskelige møde som omdrejningspunkt,” fortæller Anders Tyrrestrup, arkitekt og partner i AART architects.

    Læs mere om børne- og ungehospicet

    AART Aarhus kontor

    Framework agreement with the Danish Building and Property Agency

    Our team includes H+ Arkitekter at the forefront and ourselves, Rønnow Arkitekter, Oluf Jørgensen, Strunge Jensen, Cubic Group and Schul Landskabsarkitekter as subconsultants. As AART partner Torben Skovbjerg Larsen emphasises, we are looking forward to continuing our good collaboration with the Danish Building and Property Agency:

    “At AART, we are already cooperating with the Danish Building and Property Agency, such as, among other things, for the Immigration Service’s new headquarters in Næstved. We are looking forward to continuing our good collaboration through the new framework agreement. The whole team are keen to use their interdisciplinary skills and experience in the development of public buildings in the capital area.”

    The Danish Building and Property Agency has reduced the number of advisors from 20 to three to ensure it receives better advice within a closer dialogue. Our team will be the sole advisors to the Capital Region of Denmark for projects worth up to DKK 3.5 million in advisor fees. A significant amount of energy went into the tender bidding process, which started all the way back in the fall of 2018. We are, therefore, proud that our bid was rated best on all three criteria: price; organisation, resources and competences; and cases.

    Vejlandskvarteret by og havn luftfoto

    Prequalified to design sustainable district in Copenhagen

    The district ‘Vejlandskvarteret’ will be located in Copenhagen (more precisely, the recreational Amager Fælled at Amager), and we are looking forward to drawing up our proposal with the aim to realise PensionDanmark and CPH City & Port Development’s vision of raising the bar for sustainable urban development. 2,000 homes certified by the highest sustainable standards will thus frame the setting for the new district. Add to this that more than one-third of the 18,1-hectare area will be reserved for nature and recreational areas, supporting a close interaction with the surrounding Amager Fælled.

    Read more about the competition (in Danish)

    Byens Hus AART Kbh web 03

    Winning proposal for a new social hub in Copenhagen

    Situated right next to the site of one of Naturpark Amager’s future main entrances, the Town’s House will be built in scenic surroundings, and will become a stimulating gathering point for the district’s residents. The vision for the house is to gather the district’s community functions under the same roof, so that new opportunities will arise in the interaction between residents.

    The Town’s House will be 2,500 square meters, and the development will also include a daycare centre of 2,200 square meters and up to 85 apartments located across 6,700 square meters. In addition to serving as a common house for local residents, the Town’s House will become a cultural house for the entire district.

    Skolen Duevej AART architects 15 H

    The first DGNB-certified school in Denmark

    The School at Duevej thus shows how learning, sustainability and aesthetics can reinforce each other and go hand in hand. We are proud to have designed the school together with our team from Nordic, Orbicon and MASU Planning – all with the aim to fulfill Frederiksberg Municipality’s sustainable ambitions, creating a positive impact for both the pupils and the surrounding local community.

    Aker Sygehus Oslo AART

    Aker hospital reaches a milestone

    In January 2018, we won the competition to develop the new Aker Hospital. Together with Nordic, Cowi, Norconsult, Bjørbekk Lindheim and Metier OEC, we have been working to further develop the concept behind the more than 150,000 square-metre hospital. We have now reached a milestone with the submission of the concept phase report, which will form the basis for Helse Sør-Øst RHF and Oslo Municipality’s further development of the hospital as part of Oslo University Hospital.

    True to its original qualities, the further development of the concept continues to have “The View” as its main theme. The new Aker Hospital will, thus, rise above the Norwegian capital, with focus on creating a bright and healing environment, where the view of the city, the green roofs and recreational outdoor areas can be enjoyed by both patients and staff. At the same time, the hospital will be designed so that it can be easily and efficiently adapted to any changes in the further planning.

    Buddinge Byport Buddinge AART Nyhed

    Winning proposal for Buddinge Byport

    The winning proposal revolves around Gladsaxe Strategy’s goal of health and well-being throughout life, and a vibrant city with a focus on sustainability. In 2025, when Buddinge Byport is expected to be completed, it will give citizens easy access to health and employment. It will do so by including a healthcare centre and a café, as well as including a job centre in close interaction with the healthcare centre, and a building featuring service professions on the ground floor and apartments on the upper floors.

    “With the winning proposal for the new city gate, we as a team have strived to provide new opportunities for citizens and private actors – all with the aim of bringing the new healthcare centre, job centre, etc, into play as a positive catalyst for the development of the city. Among other things, we have prioritised preserving and transforming as much as possible of the existing buildings, so that we ensure a sustainable starting point for development,” says Pernille Stahlschmidt Tørning, office manager at AART architects’ office in Copenhagen.

    Over the next six months, we will fine-tune our winning proposal in cooperation with the municipality. We will screen our proposal to optimise details, just as we will engage in a dialogue with neighbours, stakeholders, and interested citizens. Based on this process, the City Council will, at the end of this year, make its final decision on the design of Buddinge Byport.

    Backe Kvartalet Holmestrand View 1 AART architects

    Transforming harbour front south of Oslo

    "We have submitted a regulation proposal for Backe-kvartalet in the centre of Holmestrand. The area is a fantastic midway between the waterfront and the new Holmestrand train station. The area thus offers exciting opportunities for the development of approximately 12,000 square metres of housing and business. We plan to have between 100 and 120 new housing units in the project," says Jarle Villumstad, head of Tress Asset Management.

    The plan behind Backe-kvartalet is to transform six plots with existing buildings at the harbour front in the centre of Holmestrand. Parts of the existing buildings will be demolished to make space for new and more modern buildings, fulfilling today’s livable and sustainable standards. However, a building of historic significance for the city will be preserved – namely ‘Kullboden’, which is a brick building built in 1910.

    In addition to the revitalisation of ‘Kullboden’, the new harbour district will offer five so-called ‘Sea Houses’ with shops, cafes and restaurants at street level and apartments with sea views on the upper floors. The heart of the harbour district will be Backe Gabrielsens Plass, which will become a livable square that will be sheltered from the wind thanks to the new ‘Sea Houses’.

    It is expected that Holmestrand Municipality will process the proposed regulation during 2019.