Norway | 20.06.2022

New visitor centre for Old Bergen Museum receives grant

With 54 million NOK from state, municipality and private contributers, the new visitor centre for the Old Bergen Museum is closer than ever to realisation.

In the 1800s, Bergen was the biggest wooden town in Europe, with wooden houses framing the busy squares and streets. This historical urban environment can be experienced at the Old Bergen Museum, and the new visitor centre will further aid in the telling of its story. The visitor centre not only draws inspiration from the old wooden houses in terms of its design. It also draws the historical urban environment into the lobby and frames the view of the open-air museum, making it a building that projects history outwards and inwards at the same time. The overarching focus is to give visitors a taste of the experience in store for them.

We are developing the project for Bymuseet Bergen, with SLA and Norconsult as sub-consultants.

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