To us, architecture is about creating a world of opportunities to live healthier, smarter and more connected lives.


We create buildings and urban spaces with a potential of change and improvement; how we live, learn and work and all things in between. That is the reason why we speak of opportunities before we speak of shape – and even opportunities before solutions, because we make a difference to our customers and the community in general by seeing the hidden potential in each project. Therefore, we are motivated by the will to identify ourselves with our client’s universe, explore it and challenge it in order to join forces to create a world of opportunities to live healthier, smarter and more connected lives.


From our offices in Aarhus, Copenhagen and Oslo, we contribute to the development of more than one million square metres in the Nordic countries, and over the years, we have aroused interest far beyond the Nordic countries, too. We have created buildings and urban spaces which have been acknowledged worldwide – not only for their aesthetics, but also for their ability to create opportunities exceeding expectations – from The Waterfront in Stavanger, praised by World Architecture News as the best residential development in the world, to Musholm in Korsør, praised by the International Olympic Committee as one of the world’s most innovative sports buildings.


We make a virtue of documenting the difference we make to our clients and society in a broader perspective. We do this via our research department AART+, which works strategically to gain insight into the ways architecture can create opportunities exceeding expectations. Insight that not only enables us to document the effect of the opportunities we generate, but which also helps us develop buildings and urban spaces based on an informed foundation of evidence and experience. We call this informed architecture.


AART architects was established in the year 2000 by our founding partners Anders Strange, Torben Skovbjerg Larsen and Anders Tyrrestrup. Since then, we have been acknowledged as one of the fast-growing companies in Denmark – five times. Concurrently with our growth, we have expanded our staff to include 150 team member and our partner group to include Thomas Pedersen, Nanna Flintholm, Rasmus Højkjær Larsen and Mads Nygaard as associate partners. In addition, the partner group is supported by key personnel, who are in charge of operations, finance, communications, business development and concept development – all with a focus on creating an open and operational organisation.

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