Denmark & Norway | 26.04.2022

Gives inspiration for the use of wood in architecture

Our design of Voss School of Further Education is featured in the new publication “Inspiration til fremtidens byggeri” (Inspiration for the buildings of the future) published by Danish association ‘Træ i byggeriet’. With the ambition to inspire the industry to use wood to a greater extent than hitherto, the book gives 67 examples on how wood have been utilized as the primary element in everything from schools and houses to workplaces and museums – with endless different possibilities in construction and shape.

Situated between the lakes, mountains, and fjords in Norway, lies Voss College of Further Education – a vocational college with 400 students studying six different vocational programmes. Clad in wood, the building merges together with the Norwegian nature and appears an extension of the local tradition of construction buildings out of natural materials. Voss School of Further Education is thus a great example of how wood is not only interesting as a sustainable alternative to concrete, but can create an interaction between architecture and landscape, as well as promoting and conveying the purpose and values of a building.

Read the book and get inspired (in Danish)