Scandinavia | 16.08.2022

Strengthens focus on spaceplanning

Spaceplanning will gain a greater and more prominent role at our practice with the establishment of a dedicated team for strategic planning and design of rooms. The aim is to release private companies and public institutions' full potential - with spaceplanning as an impact-creating tool.

As an architecture firm, we have a responsibility to help change and improve the most fundamental surroundings in our lives. Therefore, we see great potential in expanding our skills and developing space planning as a strategic, impact-creating tool that can, among other things, increase well-being, strengthen cooperation and create more attractive and sustainable workplaces and learning environments.

Manager of the newly established department, architect Anette Bjerring Gammelgård, has been at the forefront of several of our projects in the intersection between architecture and space planning in recent years.

"With space planning, we work strategically with the spaces that we all use and move through every single day, and which impact the way we live, work and learn - and are therefore an important tool for creating positive change," explains Anette Bjerring Gammelgård .

The new department provides advice across scale and sector and thereby broadly supports our diverse projects, including Aarhus BSS, which will move to the University City in 2025 as part of the future urban-integrated campus at Aarhus University. With its location in the middle of the University City and its 37,000 square meters, Aarhus BSS forms a large and important part of Aarhus University's overall physical development, where the interaction between research and study environments, teaching and collaboration with the university's external stakeholders is strengthened.

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