Denmark | 22.12.2021

Winning proposal for new school and leisure centre in Aarhus

In a team with MT Højgaard, Sweco Danmark, and Proces Arkitekter, we have won the competition to design the new public school and leisure centre in Gellerup, Aarhus. Our design has been selected by a political assessment committee led by counsellor Thomas Medom, who praises our proposal for its excellent organisation of the school’s and leisure center’s functions and for showcasing great insight into the everyday life of the school. The project is a part of Aarhus Kommune’s plan to revitalize and develop Gellerup into an attractive district that will bring new residents and breathe new life into the area. The school is expected to be completed for the new school year of August 2025.

1 Mellemtrin og Udskoling Interioer final