Denmark | 22.06.2022

Vrå Children and Culture Centre named School Building of the Year 2022

Vrå Children and Culture Centre received the prestigious award for School Building of the Year in Denmark 2022. With the award, Nohrcon aims to honour school building projects, that with their stimulating architectural qualities inspire the learning environents of the future.

”We are honored and proud to firstly be nominated and then receive the prize for School Building of the Year. Right from the start, we have been aware that Vrå Children and Culture Centre should become more than just a school - but a local nerve centre that promotes community between the children and citizens of Vrå. Futhermore, we have focused on drawing the nature and trees into and throughout the school, where inside and outside, architecture and landscape melts together, creating an unified ecosystem for play and learning,” Kathrine Hegner Stærmose, partner and architect, explains.

Vrå Children and Culture Centre is first and foremost the result of an ambitious developer, and, secondly, a highly competent team of consultants, who, throughout the entire process, have supported the common vision and paved the way for innovative and sustainable solutions with a positive impact for both people and planet. An ambition, that we not only hope and believe will succeed, but which our cross-disciplinary team of anthropologists, engineers, architects, and economists will follow up on, when we revisit the school to document the impact of the architecture.

”I work at the school, and I enjoy going to work every day. The indoor environment is nice, the sound is incredible, it is bright and nice in all rooms. The building is used by everyone in the town, and it strengthens the community,” a voter wrote to us.

Vrå Children and Culture Centre is developed together with JAJA architects, Søren Jensen, NCC og Hjørring Municipality.

Vraa skole03 aart
Photo: Hans Ravn | The children celebrating the inauguration of their new school.
Vraa skole02 aart
Photo: Hans Ravn | The winning team (from the left: Kathrin Susanna Gimmel, JAJA architects, Kathrine Stærmose Hegner and Martin Gertsen, AART, and Hanne Ring Hansen, Søren Jensen A/S.