Denmark | 30.05.2022

Six stars to Vrå Children and Culture Centre

”Vrå School has taken a quantum leap thanks to skilled architects that have given students and teachers a common living room where they can take part of the community, while simultaneously finding quiet." These are the words from the architecture critic at the Danish newspaper, Nordjyske, who gives Vrå Children and Culture Centre six out of six stars for balacing the three bearing beams of architecture - the constructive, the functional, and the aesthetic in one gathering school.

Under his visit, the critic spoke to both students and teachers about their experiences with the new school. Here, they praised everything from the improved daylight conditions and natural materials to the connection between the great "Heat room" and the small, calm niches - for how they support their ability to learn and work - and not at least make a positive difference for the community.

Feedback such as this from our users means everything to our work with creating architecture with measurable and discernable impact. That's why we don't stop here. As part of our impact studies, we are currently revisiting Vrå Children and Culture Centre to gather knowledge about the impact of the new school on the children and citizens - knowledge that we will later use in the development of future learning environments.

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