Denmark | 10.06.2022

Karsten Sinning as Market Responsible West

It is with great pleasure that we appoint Karsten Sinning as the new Market Responsible in Western Denmark. Here, he will be at the head of translating our clients' visions into architecture with a measurable and discernable impact across Jutland and Funen.

As partner and architect, Karsten has for the past almost 18 years handled several of AART's largest and most complex projects, including many prominent cultural and healthcare buildings as well as a number of significant urban developments in Aarhus. Here. he leads the projects with a calm hand, from the initial dialogues and early lines to the construction and commissioning - always with an eye on moving the world in a more enriching and sustainable direction with architecture as a catalyst.

An experience that, together with his high professionalism and large network, will strengthen our project development in Jutland and on Funen - with the ambition of developing even more effective projects in collaboration with both new and current builders.

Finally, contact Karsten on telephone 41 96 35 04 or email

Karsten Sinning Ny partner i Danmark AART