Denmark | 08.06.2022

Contributes to development of digital evaluation platform

In collaboration with Green Building Council Denmark, Rambøll, Danish Association of Architectural Firms, Copenhagen Business School, and Lynge Benchmark, we have developed a new common tool to the construction industry, there as the first of its kind, makes it easy and effecient to gather the users' experiences and proposals for improving indoor climate and well-being.

Our PhD-researcher and anthropologist Mia Kruse Rasmussen has contributed with knowledge on how we can use more qualitative approaches to POE (Post Occupancy Evaluation) as a supplement to the platform. Her contribution is a part of her research project about 'Social Commissioning' where she explores how we as an industry can promote socially sustainable buildings with an increased focus on the connection between people and buildings, and how we experience and use buildings. This connection is thus crucial to how the building performs in reality.