Denmark | 04.05.2022

Facilitates debate on the sustainable impact of evaluation

We are hosting a panel discussion about using evaluation as a tool to make sustainable choices at this year’s Building Green conference in Aarhus.

We have probably all experienced it: Being faced with a difficult decision in the early stages of a project, that we frankly don’t have enough knowledge about. The result is often rushed decisions that can have a hugely negative impact on the quality and performance of the building – and the environment. So how do we change this? An obvious answer would be evaluating buildings taken into use and applying this knowledge when planning and designing new ones.

Here, our industrial Ph.D.-researcher Mia Kruse Rasmussen, together with Steffen E. Maagaard from MOE, Jørgen Søndermark from Realdania, and our own Head of Impact, Johanne Mose Entwistle, and architect Stina Rask Jensen, will present their own experiences with evaluating buildings in use and discuss how this can prepare us to make decisions that is less based on gut feelings, but on knowledge and evidence to the benefit of people and the planet.

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