Denmark | 22.06.2022

Develops innovative and bio-based interior wall

In collaboration with Aarhus Municipality, Boligforeningen Århus Omegn, MOE, and Realdania, we have developed the very first modular and bio-based interior wall of its kind, that will make it possible to create, maintain, and decorate building in a more climate-friendly way. The flexible interior wall has the potential to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases in both new and existing buildings and provides new opportunities for flexibility in the operation of future office buildings. Now knowledge and experiences from the development project have been gathered and shared with the publication of a white paper for the benefit of the entire construction industry and the sustainable transformation.

The interior wall is made up of modules that can be assembled and disassembled again without the materials having to be replaced or unscrewed. This work can be performed quickly and non-destructively, so that the modules can be included directly in a new interior wall. This contrasts with a traditional drywall, which will typically take several days to assemble or disassemble, and where the majority of the materials are wasted.

“With our new interior wall, we have created an innovative and climate-friendly alternative to the traditional plaster wall, as with its modular and bio-based design that meets the demands of the future for sustainable materials and greater flexibility. In addition, the wall is not only relevant for new construction in general but can also be used in the large areas of existing buildings we have and will continue to use in the future,” Stephanie Carr, head of sustainability at AART, says.

We believe that sharing is crucial to sustainable change. That is why we have chosen to share the knowledge and experience that we have acquired in the search for a green alternative to the climate-heavy plaster wall - with the publication of freely available white paper. Because we see great potential for further development of the interior wall, and wish to bring other architects, designers, engineers and other players from the construction industry into the further development.

The wall system, which is supported by Realdania, is the result of a long development process between AART architects and Aarhus Municipality, with sparring from Boligforeningen Århus Omegn and the consulting engineering company MOE.

Read the press release (in Danish)

Read and download white paper (In Danish)

Mockup of the interior wall