We develop our customers' business with design as a driver.

AART Designers

Product Design

We develop products targeted towards our clients' brand and market

We do so on the basis of having close dialogue and strategic design processes, in which we focus on finding just the right combination of shape, functionality, and business. We have wide experience with with long-term and successful client collaborations. In these cases, we usually participate as development partners - both before, during and after the market introduction - to ensure the best posibble conditions for a strong design and a succesful business.

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Project Design

We develop project design targeted towards specific projects - from large construction projects to temporary events.

We work strategically with special design across scale and sectors. We do so in close collaboration with developers by using furniture, materiale and modern technologies to open up for new perspectives on how rooms can be utilized and the architecture can be experienced and optimized. Always by focussing on the specific assignment's demands and visions which we will realise through a set of defined services - from user involvement to interior solutions, inventary design, and a successful business.

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Design as the driver

AART Designers has been brought into this word to develop our clients' businesses with design as the driver. This happens in the cross section between design, interior, and architecture. Here, we see and create opportunities to develop impactful solutions - shaped by the users' needs, the market opportunities, and, not at least, our clients' world and visions.

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Dialogue-based design

Based on our cients' visions, we develop specialised design solutions which, in addition to burning through to the market, can also be used in current or future building projects. We thus built bridges between developers and manufacturers. In partnership with AART, our design tasks often grow out of specific building projects. With a deep understanding of design and architecture, we develop design solutions shaped by a close dialogue with developers and manufacturers.

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Morten Hove Lasthein

Partner and Head of Design at AART Designers

+45 41 96 35 09


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