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LOOP was originally designed for the Aarhus Festival in 2007. Since, it has become a joyful design classic, consisting of a series of flexible and characterful urban space furniture that stimulates the senses and inspires informal living and socializing - in cities, parks, kindergartens, school and much more.

100% RECYCLED og Svanemærket

Hele LOOP familien klar som RECYCLED og Svanemærket

Alle moduler findes nu i en ny RECYCLED variant produceret af 100% recycled polyethylene plast (85% produktionsspild + 15% kværnet brugte plastposer). Samtidigt har produkterne opnået at blive Svanemærket som Nordens første byrumsmøbel i plast – og skaber dermed positiv effekt på både vores byrum og miljøet.

LOOP UP Swan label

Numerous possibilities

LOOP is made of an impact-resistant, scratch-free and UV-resistant plastic material that ensures the furniture a long life. It is manufactured in a wide range of shapes and colors and it is even possible to integrate solar-powered light so it – with its integrated LED light tube – glows up the night. In this way, LOOP offers numerous combination possibilities, which makes it easy to integrate into any kind of urban space.

Loop bench outsider h001

A new kind of furniture

LOOP was originally designed for Aarhus Festival in 2007. In collaboration with Out-sider, 50 copies were specially made based on the idea of developing a new and different kind of social furniture, which added a joyful feature to the urban space and could be used on an equal footing by children, grown-ups and elderly. After the festival, LOOP was put into production and it has since grown into a series of urban furniture – LOOP Light, LOOP Line, LOOP Arch, LOOP Corner and LOOP Cone.

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