A modern and multifunctional piece of furniture

AART Designers
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IGLOO VUC aart ksm 13 Low

The IGLOO concept offers completely new possibilities for creating clearly defined workspaces in open large space environments. With its hybrid design, the concept can form a framework for everything from meetings and study groups to individual immersion, while integrated touch screens make it possible to adapt the concept to the digital office and learning environments of the future.

In its construction, the IGLOO consists of prefabricated modules that are easy to assemble and disassemble. The individual IGLOO is therefore easy to move and adapt to the given large space. To create a subdued acoustics, the concept is lined on the inside and outside with foam upholstered in fabric. The fabric comes in a wide palette of colors, so it is possible to add to the individual IGLOO a unique expression tailored to the distinctiveness of the company or educational institution.

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