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'Informal' is our new, dynamic furniture design together with Holmris B8. It is an ultra-flexible furniture system for the dynamic and activity-based office environment.

Based on five basic modules

The system consists of five simple basic modules of wood, which can quickly be put together crosswise, independently or in pairs of two to create everything from low podiums and benches to high tables and shelves. Informal thus works as several pieces of furniture at once, meaning that it can be reused and upcycled to fit the needs of the future.

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With Informal, our aim was to create an unique and dynamic furniture set that in a simple way extends the traditional office and work environment to encompass more flexible and identity-creating zones with a focus on collaboration and socialising.
Morten Hove Lasthein | Head of AART Designers
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Table bench combination

The basic modules set up in a simple and beautiful table bench combination.
The simple assembly with finger screws means that you can quickly and easily set up the modules and just as quickly take them apart again.

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