SKY is a series of lights in a stylish Nordic design. By placing the LED light source in the base and hiding the reflector in the top of the fixture, SKY provides a comfortable, glare-free light unique in the market. In this way, it plays together with its surroundings, while its clarified form makes it easy to fit into any outdoor environment.
SKY is just as robust in its choice of materials as it is stylish in its design. Cast in aluminium with a transparent shield of longlife polycarbonate, it has a long life with a minimum of maintenance. It can be combined with a galvanized standard mast, where the transitional part from mast to fixture allows for simple and effective differentiation – such as in the form of a logo or signature colour.
SKY is an example of how we develop totally integrated solutions in dialogue with our clients – from the initial meeting to the final product launch. Throughout the entire development process, we have worked closely with Focus Lighting. Primarily with a focus on analysing their market potential, and then with a focus on outlining the concept, optimising production and developing visualisations and trade fair booths for marketing SKY.

“We have really enjoyed working with AART designers. They understand how to combine functionality and design in an easy and elegant way. Their knowledge of various forms of production and insight into lighting technology also contribute to a dynamic and versatile product development phase.”
Claus Mølhede, Sale & Design, Focus Lighting