More homely - less institutional

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Launches in 2023

The chair- and furniture collection FEEL aims to create a homely and welcoming atmosphere in the physical environment in care- and hospitality environments. Combining a Scandinavian expression with multiple functionalities, the series is suitable for both senior housing communities, healthcare environments as well as hotel lounges and restaurants. FEEL is designed in collaboration with the German design company, Brunner.

Form meets functions

FEEL combines a contemporary and Scandinavian expression with several functions making the series suitable for both hospitality- and care environments, where relaxing comfort, ergonomic requirements and functionality are key features.

The construction is strong – yet the expression is elegant. The soft padded surfaces add a warm and friendly texture, and at the same time the cover can be easily removed and cleaned.

The FEEL series contains a dining chair with high and lower back, a recliner chair with adjustable back and footstool as well as dining tables and coffee tables in different dimensions. The furniture can be used and combined in the layout of both private living spaces and common facilities like living rooms, lounges, and dining environments.

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More homely - less institutional

Research from healing architecture shows that the physical surroundings in care and healthcare environments can support recovery and reduce the stress level of guests, patients, residents, and staff by – in example by making the indoor environments more welcoming, tactile and homely. With its soft curves, embracing design language and tactile materials, the FEEL series is designed to support a homely and comfortable user experience.

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A central design feature

The characteristic armrest and the way it transitions into the rounded legs add a distinctive character to the FEEL chairs. In addition, the design of the armrests adds several central functionalities to the chairs. Besides a comfortable user experience the armrest works as an ergonomic handle when one need to move the chairs while also making the chairs stackable.

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Our collaboration with Brunner is built on a strong shared mindset culminating in the design of the FEEL series. FEEL is a beautiful and successful design where form and function come together.
Morten Hove Lasthein / Head of AART Designers
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