Exhibition stand for Superwood

Exhibition stand for Superwood

AART Designers
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As part of the product development collaboration with Superwood, we are also involved in various marketing initiatives, including the design of case displays and exhibition stands.

For example, we developed this exhibition stand, which is based on a simple modular and transport-friendly principle. This allows it to be scaled and built in different ways, depending on the exhibition conditions and the desired narrative.

The version shown is built entirely from SW12 AART profiles. In this way, the stand shows on a 1:1 scale how the product can be put together in different combinations to create either a calm or varied and dynamic façade expression. In addition, the stand will showcase a selection of the colour range we have developed in collaboration with Superwood and Jotun. Integrated poster panels allow for in-depth texts and evocative references.

This is an exhibition stand design that embraces Superwood’s wood universe and story of natural materials and the great design freedom that the profiles support.

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Partner / Head of AART Designers / Industrial Designer MAA
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