Probably the most community-fostering building in Denmark

Aarhus, Denmark
Domis (phase 1)
Kilden & Hindby (phase 1)
PFA Real Estate (phase 2)
40,000 m2
Private assignment in 2013
First phase completed in 2016
Second phase completed in 2020
Kaj Ove Madsen
Real estate developer
Kilden & Hindby (phase 2)
Pakhusene Aarhus 20201029 TH 0063

Pakhusene (in English 'the Warehouses') brings the sharing economy into the development of residential and office buildings. The result is an ambitious building based on community, benefiting businesses, locals and the city in general.

Teeming with life from early morning to late into the evening

Pakhusene is a striking and innovative construction project in eastern Aarhus; striking by virtue of its stringent lines, tactile brick facades and 40,000 square metres, and innovative by virtue of its focus on harnessing the many possibilities of the sharing economy, making it a powerhouse focused on community. It is a powerhouse that is teeming with life from early morning to late into the evening, and it is also the first building of the new harbour district to be awarded DGNB Gold certification for sustainability.

Pakhusene Aarhus 20201029 TH 0058

Shares a wide range of facilities

Inspired by the sharing economy, companies and residents have the opportunity to share a wide range of facilities such as a fitness centre with a sauna, harbour bathing area, canteen, meeting rooms and a large roof terrace. In the weekends, the meeting rooms can even be booked for social events, and the same goes for the canteen, which has already been used for weddings and confirmations. The overarching focus has been to design a building that is more than the sum of its parts and creates new possibilities for the development of the new harbour district.

Aarhus Havn 20180816 TH 0035
We have undertaken responsibility for the first stage of the office building of the future in the form of Pakhusene. With this type of high-quality construction, we will strengthen Aarhus’ image as a business city while also ensuring that pension savers get a good rate of return on their investments.
Michael Bruhn / CEO at PFA Real Estate
Pakhusene Aarhus 20201029 TH 0028

Want to know more?

Anders Tyrrestrup
Founding Partner / CINO / Architect MAA / NORDMAK
Aarhus, Stockholm
+45 25 32 32 78