Student life at the top of Aarhus

Aarhus, Denmark
Private assignment in 2016
Under development
HI life 04 AART H

HI: LIFE on Gøteborg Allé in Aarhus opens up new perspectives on creating healthy and socially stimulating youth housing, where life is lived in courtyards and roof gardens and on balconies - screened and high above the city noise.

234 student units

HI: LIFE houses 234 student units that are distributed around an inner courtyard, which not only creates a recreational environment for the residents, but also screens against noise from the surrounding city. The patio also frames the arrival to all stairways, so that spontaneous meetings are promoted and stimulates the feeling of the square as a large community.

HI life 15 AART H

Life on the terrain and in the heights

The meeting between the residents is highly valued in the architecture and the disposition of the residential block - not only on the terrain, but also in the height, where roof terraces form another common space. Raised above the city, the residents here will have the opportunity to meet and relax in green surroundings

HI life 05 AART H

Unique outdoor environment

The common roof garden extends along the entire residential square and offers residents a unique outdoor environment with terraces, raised beds, flower pots, integrated stair towers and a natural zoning, all of which allow residents to enjoy the outdoors and use the roof garden for various purposes.

HI life 12 AART H

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Mads Nygaard
Group Partner / Architect MAA
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