Gøteborg Allé

The concept proposal for a new residential block on Gøteborg Allé in Aarhus is all about new ideas to create healthy, stimulating youth housing, where life is lived in courtyards and roof gardens, and on balconies.­
The concept proposal forms a courtyard, which acts as a screen from the noise from Hasle Ringvej, while creating sunny outdoor spaces for the residents. The courtyard is also the setting for entrances to all the staircases, so the residents will be motivated to run into one another on a daily basis. This encounter between residents is a major priority in the design and the layout of the residential block, not only on ground level, but also in terms of height.
Raised above the city, residents will have the opportunity to meet and relax in a green setting. A communal rooftop garden will actually stretch the length of the entire residential block, providing the residents with a unique outdoor environment. Together, patios, raised beds, planters, integrated stair turrets and a natural division into zones will provide residents with the opportunity to enjoy life outdoors and put the rooftop garden to a variety of uses.