Vrå Public School

An ecosystem for play and learning

Vrå, Denmark
Hjørring Municipality
10,000 m2
In progress
JAJA Architects
Søren Jensen
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Vrå Public School paves the way for new approaches to stimulating the ability and desire of children to learn by incorporating learning and landscape into one, giving children the opportunity to play and learn in a complete ecosystem that changes over time – over the course of a day, but also with the passing of the seasons.

The proposal is based on a groundbreaking idea that envisages turning the forest into the school. The concept is sustainable from top to bottom and fully incorporates considerations relating to the educational needs of the school.
Excerpt from the judge’s report
Vrå Public School Inner School Square AART architects

A range of services

Vrå Public School is a unique project that focuses on children’s play, learning and development and brings together a wide range of services for the city’s inhabitants, both children and grown-ups. The construction of the school also includes a daycare institution, library, sports hall and outdoor activity area, all of which is built in close interaction with the scenic natural surroundings.

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A sustainable pioneer project

600 trees will not only draw the forest all the way up to the school; they will also provide shade during the summer months.

A play and learning landscape

What makes this project unique is the interaction between learning and landscape. It is built on a sustainable ambition to create a complete ecosystem for play and learning, manifesting itself in a play and learning landscape where the forest becomes the school and vice-versa. The outside and inside blend together, turning the school into a ‘Learning forest’ in which culture and nature, as well as learning and sustainability, come together in a close and innovative learning environment.

Vrå Public School School and Forest AART architects

The heart of the school

The school consists of clusters around a core area, or ‘heart’. This unifying square brings together the landscape, arrival area and clusters with the sports hall, library, daycare institution, teaching areas and classes in an open, atmospheric concept. In addition, the two inner courtyards lend the space a light, bright and vibrant quality while also subdividing it into a number of clearly defined zones.

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