Stavanger University Hospital

New research and therapies in a recreational setting

Stavanger, Norway
Helse Stavanger
200,000 m2
Winning proposal in tender competition in 2015
In progress
Landscape architect
Stavanger Sygehus AART Oslo 08 web

Stavanger University Hospital fulfils the vision of creating space for new research, new therapies and the demographic trends of the region. This vision is being realised in scenic surroundings south of Stavanger, where the university hospital rises forth like a recreational garden city as well as one of Norway’s biggest hospitals with its 7,300 employees.

Will become part of the university campus

The university hospital is situated as an extension of Stavanger University, while also blending into a cultural landscape with clear, scenic qualities. In that way, it connects the university area to the scenic surroundings, which open to the view towards Hafrsfjord. And with a cross-cutting axis of public transport, the university hospital emerges as a new pearl on the string of knowledge institutions, benefiting the region’s citizens, companies and educational institutions.

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Appears as a garden city

Thanks to careful study of its surroundings, the university hospital is laid out as a garden city divided into rectangular buildings with nature flowing freely in between them. The buildings are distributed around the public transport axis, the idea being to create a logical building structure with a myriad of streets and squares. East of the transport axis lie the treatment and research facilities, while the wards are located on the western side with a view overlooking the countryside.

Helse Stavanger skitse 01

Connecting the city to the nature

The interaction between the city and nature is a recurring element in the design of the university hospital. The urban and recreational merge into one at the university hospital, creating the experience of a garden city with lots of light and space. Comfort and evocative stimuli have been incorporated into the design of the university hospital in general and down to the small details, such as through the choice of materials as well as the pockets between the buildings, which draw the landscape deep into the university hospital.

Helse Stavanger Gardrum

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