North of Aarhus, a new town is growing in a natural environment. The town is based on sustainability and originates from a collaboration between Tækker Group and some of the leading architectural firms in Denmark, each developing one part of the town.
Our contribution comprises a ring of 46 different types of homes, which combine the town with the countryside towards the north. In a topographical grid the houses are distributed over the site where they unite qualities from both an ordered and a more organic town. Towards the south the houses are packed in relatively tightly into the grid and the building elements are rectangular, whilst towards the north the compact geometry is more relaxed, shifts around and opens the town up towards the landscape of the countryside.
The houses do not just create different ways of linking to the countryside but also different types of private living and communal living. For example, the variety of apartments, townhouses and cluster houses creates a wide range of outdoor spaces – from apartment balconies to row and cluster houses’ gardens. Community is the foundation of our contribution to Nye, where the large common area and the smaller green spaces between the houses and the many seating areas along the residential streets give room for growth of different forms of community.
Private life is also accorded importance which is expressed in the staggered arrangement of the houses which enables daylight to penetrate from everywhere and creates corners in both the front and back gardens where the residents can enjoy a sunny day, great views and the fresh air undisturbed. In the back gardens natural meadows come close to the houses making the countryside and the houses share a common pulse.