Bifaldet (‘The Applause’)

Homes with references to music and architectural innovation

Roskilde, Denmark
KSE Ejendomme
3.200 sqm
Completed 2022
Landscape architect
OJ Rådgivende Ingeniører
Niels Nygaard
AART Webcase Bifaldet 03

Bifaldet is a new residential and commercial construction project in Roskilde’s new cultural district, Musicon, which with its unconventional approach to urban development unleashes creativity and brings musicality into the architecture.

An unconventional district

With 29 owner-occupied homes and commercial premises for a café and restaurant, Bifaldet contributes vibrancy and vitality to Roskilde’s new cultural district, Musicon, which is intended to be a national incubator for artists, musicians, creative companies and others that need an unconventional framework. ‘Unconventional’ is a recurring theme for the entire urban development - which is taking place without a pre-defined master plan. Instead of ‘locking’ the development into a certain track from the start, the municipality intends to let the city district develop itself as entrepreneurs from the cultural and business community bring forth their proposals.

Inspired by music and history

Music has been the inspiration for both Bifaldet’s name (it translates as ‘The applause’) and the architectural expression. The two tower blocks which together form Bifaldet appear as a large xylophone and the ‘baguette’ tiles on the facade forms the pattern of the melody for “We Will Rock You” - a subtle tribute to the iconic rock band and music in general. Besides music, the city district also draws inspiration from the area’s previous industrial history. Among other things, there was once a concrete factory here. This is reflected in the selection of materials such as raw concrete staircases and the use of vertical ‘baguette’ tiles which create new patterns and add depth to the facade.

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Want to know more?

Jakob Andersen
Partner / Regional Director
Copenhagen, Frederikssund, Roskilde
+ 45 41 37 94 76