Södra Ladugårdsängen

Nordic Eco-label houses with life and movement at the center

Örebro, Sweden
JM and Seniorgarden
14,000 sqm
Under development
Kungsladan Landskabsarkitektur
Sodra Ladugardsangen sitplan AART

In Örebro, a completely new district entitled Södra Ladugårdsängen is emerging – and we are developing 14,000 sqm of ecolabelled housing with life and movement at the center. Add to that, the district creates space for a wide range of typologies, green and recreational opportunities, and sharing-economic solutions – all with the aim of inspiring and inviting residents of all ages to participate in a common, sustainable lifestyle.

Our winning proposal for the development consists of 14,000 sqm of apartments, senior homes, and urban, green space. With a variety of typologies, Södra Ladugårdsängen mixes homes, shopping, seniors, and families with children to create a diverse urban life. An urban life lived in the green courtyards, on the activity-full squares, and in the living ground floor with space for café or stores – a connection that inspires the residents to explore and move around the area and meet their neighbors.

All houses are created with beautiful and solid materials such as wood and bricks with the goal of achieving the Nordic Ecolabel’s high demands for low energy consumption, healthy indoor climate, and more environmentally friendly materials. Additionally, Södra Ladugårdsängen is heavily inspired by a local sharing-economy, and will thus house electric carpools, cycling lounges, workshops, and green houses where residents can grow vegetables together. Solutions that will support the residents in making sustainable choices easy in their everyday life.

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VD / Partner / Dipl. Ing. / Architect SAR / MSA
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