A new headquarters will promote collaboration and strengthen the company’s presence in Denmark

Taastrup, Denmark
DISA / Corpus Ejendomme
13.000 sqm
Landscape architect
Midtconsult A/S
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The new domicile for the international metal casting and moulding company DISA has been designed to promote collaboration among the company’s employees by gathering the administrative and production parts of the company in one location.

A stronger presence in Denmark
DISA is a Danish company with over 100 years of production experience in casting equipment and machinery, and today it is a global leader in its field with branches on all continents. But even though the company has long since grown beyond Denmark’s borders, it has been important for them to maintain part of their production in their home country. With its new headquarters in Taastrup, DISA is therefore cementing its continued presence in Denmark.

Two buildings and functions merge together

A key aspect of the development of DISA’s new domicile was the desire to promote collaboration among the company’s Daish functions by placing the administration and production areas in one location. The building thus consists of two modules, one being an office building and the other being a production hall, and both are connected via an open atrium with a 3-storey glass wall. This allows the architecture to support distinct workflows and needs an the glass wall also allows employees to look in both directions and serves to merge the two units together.

Simple and transparent

The architecture is based on a simple and transparent design language which reflects the company’s values of trust, dialogue and a strong professional foundation. The facade is clad in large concrete slabs and has large windows in both the office and production buildings. Besides taking advantage of natural light as much as possible, the large windows also allow those passing by to experience the production at close range - something which is typically hidden away from the public.

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