Atmospheric and informal office environment

Aarhus, Denmark
330 kvm
AART Webcase Actus 03

Focusing on strengthening cooperation and well-being, AART Spaceplanning has prepared a new atmospheric transformation and interior design concept for the existing premises of the investment company Actus at Marselisborg Lystbådehavn.

While transforming Actus' existing premises, including an open office space, meeting rooms and a kitchen, AART Spaceplanning and AART Transformation worked strategically to create a flexible and informal working environment that exploited the full potential of the space available.

In addition to the existing premises, the transformation counts an extension of approximately 150 sqm, which was previously leased externally. This has created additional space for new work and common areas and facilities, which can be used for multiple purposes during a working day and serve as varying alternatives to permanent workplaces.

The new areas and facilities have been designed to inspire collaboration and knowledge sharing, peace and deep concentration, but also feature informal common areas, such as café tables and table tennis tables, all of which helps to strengthen employees’ well-being and job satisfaction.
Anette Bjerring Gammelgård / Manager of AART Spaceplanning

Good daylight conditions are also important parameters for employees’ health and well-being, which is why, in the interior design of the premises, we wanted to make the most of the view of the marina and draw the light far into the building, e.g. by installing glass surfaces in the meeting rooms. Choosing natural materials such as oak for fixtures and floors, as well as a combination of white, yellow and light wall colours brings even more light and warmth to the spaces. New lighting that includes both basic and cosy lighting, helps create a calming and inviting environment.

Instead of throwing all the old stuff away in favour of buying new stuff, much of the existing fittings, such as furniture and art, has been recycled. By putting fittings and art into play in new ways, we have managed to make use of existing resources, and retain a piece of history.

AART Webcase Actus 07

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