Regional office for Statoil

A new regional office for the Nordic region

Harstad, Norway
Kaarbø Eiendom
11,000 m2
Completed in 2017
A3 Arkitekter
Statoil Oslo AART 01 web

Emerging like a sculpture in the surrounding landscape

Statoil’s new regional office for the Nordic region is centrally located on an old industrial site by the Harstrad waterfront. For those entering the city by sea, the building looks like a sculpture in the surrounding landscape. The new regional office will house 600 workplaces.

Statoil Oslo AART 04 web

High architectural qualities

The building is highly complex and of high national security class - both psysically and techically. The operation of buildings and oil platforms under a state of emergency has been taken into consideration. The building has high architectural qualities due to its function as Statoil's headquarters in the north. The premises provide good working conditions for employees in terms of light, air and indoor climate. The building promotes collaboration and facilitates good meeting places both academically and socially. The building is transparent so that the experience of a dynamic environment is made visible.

Statoil Oslo AART 13 web

Want to know more?

Susanne Joys
Partner / Manager of Norway Office / Architect MNAL
+47 91 71 58 06