Inspiria Science Center

Inspiria Science Center is designed as an experience centre, where children can gain knowledge about energy, environment and science. It is a strategic architectural project, which was honoured at the UN Climate Conference 2016 as one of the world’s most inspiring initiatives for a sustainable future.
By combining play with learning and knowledge with adventure, Inspiria Science Center is designed to stimulate the desire of children to learn. The planetarium, outdoor science park and interactive exhibitions and workshops enable room for learning, focusing on increasing the interest for science and showing how sustainability can reinforce the quality of life of both environment and humans. Even the ride to the science centre is a lesson in sustainability, since the more than 50,000 school children, who visit the science centre every year, are picked up in hybrid buses. The science centre is further designed as a low-energy house and pilot project in terms of sustainable waste and rainwater handling.
The focus on sustainability is also visible in the basic form of the science centre, melting together nature’s cycle, cyclic repetitions and spiral forms with the cycle of technology as the universal force of the circular basic form. The ambition was to create a building with a strong signature, contributing to the branding of the work and vision of Inspiria Science Center. The science centre is part of a long-term strategy for promoting a sustainable way of life and making knowledge about energy and environment the most valuable asset of the Østfold region. Not only by means of the activities in the science centre, but also through architecture, since the science centre is designed as a building with a strong identity, in order to increase the regional interest for science and the national interest in the region.

It is impressive, what Inspiria Science Center has accomplished.
Jens Stoltenberg / Former Prime Minister of Norway