Inspiria Science Center

Experience and learning center for popular science

Grålum, Norway
Inspiria Eiendom
7,000 sqm
Winning proposal in an open, international project competition 2007
Completed in 2011
Honorary award
Energy Globe World Award
Iconic Award
Prime Property Award
Arnstein Arneberg Prisen
Østfold Prisen for Universel Udformning
69 002 Inspiria 053 H

Inspiria Science Center is designed as an experience and learning center for popular science where children and young people can use play as a mean to earn knowledge about energy, environment, and science via everything from interactive exhibitions and audience workshops to a planetarium and an outdoor science park that connects the building’s two exhibition levels.

It is impressive to see what Inspiria Science Center has achieved
Jens Stoltenberg / Former Norwegian Prime Minister
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New space for play and learning

By combining play and experience with learning and knowledge, the Inspiria Science Center stimulates children and young people’s desire to learn. The science center creates new spaces for learning and shows how sustainability can strengthen the quality of life for both the environment and people. To promote a sustainable way of life, the science center has been designed as a low-energy house and pilot project within new forms of waste and rainwater management.

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Focus on sustainability

The focus on sustainability is repeated in the building’s base form, where the cycles of nature, cyclical repetitions, and spiral shapes merge with the cycles of technology expressed in the universal strength of the circular base form. The aim is to create a distinctive building that contributes to the branding of the Inspiria Science Center by clearly communicating its vision.

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Architecture awards


Energy Globe World Award

Nominated as one of the world’s most sustainable projects.


Iconic Award

Named one of the world’s most iconic buildings


Prime Property Award

Named one of the world’s most holistic sustainable buildings


Arnstein Arneberg Prisen

Awarded for its contribition to the elevation of the Østfold region with its remarkable architecture


Østfold Prisen for Universel Udformning

Named as Østfold Region’s most accessible building

Promotes knowledge about energy and the environment

The science center is part of a long-term strategy to promote a more sustainable way of life and make knowledge about energy and the environment the Østfold region’s most important asset. As mentioned, this is not only reflected in the activities of the science center, but also in its architecture, as the center is designed as an identity-shaping building with the aim of strengthening the regional interest in science and national interest in the region.

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Want to know more?

Susanne Joys
Partner / Manager of Norway Office / Architect MNAL
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