Tromsø’s former industrial port is to be transformed into a vibrant part of the town. The purpose of the master plan for the new port district, Nordbyen, is to connect the town with the water and deliver Tromsø’s vision of itself as an Arctic capital.
Cohesiveness and signalling effect. These are the keywords in the design of the master plan that will connect town centre life with life on the water and, at the same time, convey a new experience of the town anchored in the beautiful Arctic landscape. Therefore, the master plan creates clear references to the surrounding fjords and mountains, which is expressed in the staggered roofs and the light, Nordic use of wood and planting local tree and grass species.
The climate is a natural part of the context, and Tromsø doesn’t call itself the Arctic capital for nothing. The often low temperatures and Arctic wind present many climatic challenges, so, to ensure the vibrant nightlife in the town, there are many areas designed to provide shelter from the wind and to utilise the sunlight as much as possible. This is expressed in, among other things, covered zones along the facades of many of the buildings.
The master plan brings schools, culture, services for children and young people, shops, offices and nearly 1,000 homes close together. It offers an abundance and diversity of functions and creates a vibrant urban life by the sea while creating clear links to the existing town centre. The port district will add new qualities to Tromsø. It will create new opportunities for the town’s residents and will help to highlight the town as the capital of the Arctic Circle.