Stimulating office building for creative people

Bjerringbro, Denmark
1400 sqm
Under development
Landscape architect
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Employee satisfaction, sustainable operations and a strong workplace identity are some of the main values behind the design of a new office building at Grundfos’ headquarters in Bjerringbro, which purposefully translates Grundfos’ strategic wishes into architectural tools.

Employee well-being as a top priority
Research shows that the physical work environment can play a major role in promoting higher levels of employee well-being, contributing to increased job satisfaction, knowledge sharing and a reduction in sick leave. Based on the knowledge of ‘biophilic design’, where nature is brought into the building design, the office building is designed to actively support the well-being of each Grundfos employee through visible contact with the forest by the Gudenåen river, natural materials and green plants.

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Knowledge sharing, community and collaboration

To support the collaboration, a good work environment and a sense of community among Grundfos’ employees, the design of the new office building has taken an activity-based approach to the layout, where employees can seek out different environments, for example, laboratory workplaces, work tables, reflection rooms, collaboration work stations and informal meeting zones throughout the day.

Designed with a focus on sustainable operations

Sustainability is a central part of Grundfos’ business, with a stated goal of reaching net-zero CO2 emissions by no later than 2050. Therefore, sustainability issues have also been central to the development of the new office building, with a particular focus on operations. The building is also Grundfos’ first DGNB-certified building with extensive use of wood in structures, facades and interior cladding.

The landscape itself as the key value creator

The design of the landscape is driven by two overarching visions: To bring the natural landscape close to employees and to utilise and highlight water as a resource, both of which are in line with Grundfos’ corporate vision. The workplaces provide direct contact with the surrounding meadow landscape, which is also being further developed to increase biodiversity with better living conditions for plant and animal species. By adding wildlife habitats to the outdoor areas, employees will be able to experience the surrounding landscape close to the building - both from the inside and outside. The goal is also to recycle and utilise surface and roof water to create new wetlands for the benefit of employees, plants and animals.

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Group Partner / Architect MAA
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