Stimulating office building with a focus on employee well-being

Bjerringbro, Denmark
1400 sqm
Landscape architect
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Employee well-being, environmentally friendly operations, and a strong workplace identity constitute some of the main values behind the design of a new office building at Grundfos' headquarters in Bjerringbro, where social commissioning has been a central element in the implementation of the new building to support the value creation that Grundfos desired as a result of their new facility.

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Construction project as an opportunity for change

When a new building is to be constructed, it always presents an opportunity to initiate changes that can create value for the future users and the company. However, research shows that changes in physical environments do not necessarily result in the desired workplace transformations, and furthermore, research indicates that involving employees in these changes is essential for success.

In connection with the inauguration of Grundfos' new office building, Syd2, AART conducted a social commissioning process. Here, a number of ambassadors were appointed among the employees, representing the future users of the building. The ambassadors participated in workshops before and after moving in. Before moving in, the focus was on initiating a series of trial actions among the employees to kick-start the desired change in the upcoming new building even before occupancy. After the inauguration, the focus was on evaluating whether and how the new building supports employees in their new daily work practices, and then adjusting and refining to optimize the value creation of the interaction between the users and the new building.

Our collaboration with AART on social commissioning has contributed to realizing the visions for our new office building — even after our employees have started using the building. AART’s social commissioning process recognises that a new building doesn’t create change alone — we need to have our employees on board so they also change their behavior! Here, AART’s systematic use of the Effect Compass and an effectively organized and facilitated process with selected ambassadors among the employees has been crucial for the positive outcome.”
- Kjeld Schmidt Christensen, Senior Director, Group Facility Management, Grundfos

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