New community centre for sports and culture

Stevns, Denmark
Stevns Municipality
2.535 sqm
Dansk Halentreprise
Søren Jensen Rådgivende Ingeniørfirma, Rønslev Rådgivende Ingeniører
Niels Nygaard
AART Webcase Stevnshallen 03

As a modern meeting hall, Stevnshallen is a natural meeting place for Stevns’ citizens. The hall, built as an extension of the Stevnsbadet swimming pool, hosts all kinds of fitness and sports activities as well as theatre activities, parties, flea markets and much more.

Sports hall, club rooms and a multipurpose hall

Based on the desire for an up-to-date and modern sports hall with an architectural attitude and great consideration for the surrounding landscape, the newly built Stevnshallen was created to accommodate many different kinds of activities for people of all ages.

With both a large sports hall, club rooms and a multi-purpose hall, the new hall will together with the associated Stevnsbadet offers a great variety of recreational opportunities for the citizens of Stevns and the surrounding area. In terms of form, it is built in a precise and modern design language that both engages in dialogue with the surroundings and makes a mark for itself.

In Stevns, we have created a welcoming hall that exudes architectural quality and which, with its simple and precise architectural design, fits naturally into the existing context.
Jakob Andersen / Partner and Regional Director at AART

Looking across

Stevnshallen is connected to Stevnsbadet’s existing main entrance via a large vestibule made of glass. From the front hall, there is a view of both the swimming pool and the new sports hall, and from a large welcome lounge there is direct access to, among other things, the sports hall and spectator benches, a multi-purpose hall, club rooms and changing rooms. From the club rooms you also have a direct view of the activities in the sports hall.

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Want to know more?

Jakob Andersen
Partner / Regional Director
Copenhagen, Frederikssund, Roskilde
+ 45 41 37 94 76