Swimming pool and wellness in close connection with nature

Stevns, Denmark
Stevns Municipality
3.600 sqm
MT Højgaard
Landscape architect
Tom Jersø
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In one of the Denmark’s most scenic areas, the Stevnsbadet swimming hall was built with architectural inspiration from the area’s best-known landmark, Stevns Klint.

Out of the countryside

With the desire to create a harmonious transition between Store Heddinge and the landscape towards Stevns Klint and the sea, the structure of Stevnsbadet rises up from the landscape, completed with a wall that brings to mind the impressive white cliff that stretches 17 kilometres along Stevns. A simple cut in the roof surface opens the building to the landscape and lets the light in so that bathers can enjoy the changing colours of the undulating landscape all year round.

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Course swimming, paddling pool and wellness

The building’s bright facade follows the visitors inside, where large glass sections also make the swimming pool welcoming and easy to get an overview of. In addition to pools for traditional lane swimming, the large, open hall offers a smaller practice pool and a wading pool for the smallest users. In addition, Stevnsbadet consists of a wellness area with, among other things, a steam bath, a 100 sq.m hot water pool and an infrared 55°C sauna.

Meets international requirements

The dimensions of the swimming hall’s largest pool, which is 25 metres long with 6 lanes and 3- and 1-metre jumping boards meet international requirements and standards, which makes it possible for Stevnsbadet to host international competitions.

Handicap friendly and energy efficient

Stevnsbadet is built to low-energy class 1 standards and a lot has been done to use materials that are both environmentally friendly and fit in with the surrounding nature. Both when it comes to parking and entrances to changing rooms and swimming pools, Stevnsbadet was built with a focus on making the hall handicap-friendly and easily accessible.

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Partner / Regional Director
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