Hal III, Køge Idrætspark (‘Hall III, Køge Sports Park’)

A state-of-the-art sports hall and association building mark a new era for Køge’s sports facility

Køge, Denmark
Køge Municipality
4.500 sqm
Dansk Halbyggeri
Niels Nygaard
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The construction of Hall III marks the start of the realisation of Køge’s sports park as a comprehensive and attractive facility for sport and culture in Køge and the surrounding area. With its modern and flexible facilities, the hall is thus a benefit for all the city’s citizens who love sports and other cultural activities. At the same time, the adjacent, newly constructed building has become a collective home for a lot of the local area’s many associations.

An attractive location for sports and culture enthusiasts

With the desire to organise and attract more sports and more tournaments and cultural events to Køge, the sports park’s newly built hall has been designed with space for 1,100 spectators in both fixed and mobile stands. In addition, the building contains a gamer café that and a business area.

A welcoming place that creates connections

A beautiful glass facade welcomes you with its large entrance area into the newly constructed hall building, which completes the row of Køgehaller. The hall serves as the area’s official entrance while the newly established forecourt is the link between the sports park’s halls and stadium facilities.

Adjacent to the hall, a new association building has been built which, in addition to association rooms, contains changing rooms, fitness rooms, laundry rooms, a staff room and an office.

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For both us and the client, it has been important to create a new sports hall that can use attractive and state-of-the-art facilities to complement the area’s existing halls and provide more experiences. At the same time, it has been essential that the hall is a place where everyone — young and old — feels welcome.
Jakob Andersen / Partner and Regional Director at AART

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