Located by the Danish coastline, just an hour drive from Copenhagen, Musholm challenges the traditional notion of accessible architecture with a view to becoming the preferred sports and holiday resort for people with any type of handicap – both in Denmark and abroad. Designed as one of the world’s most innovative resorts for people with disabilities, Musholm has been designed to do wonders for people and the tourism in the region. It does so by combining design and architecture into a unique experience that engages the guests and shows how businesses can be financially successful while creating social impact.
Musholm offers a wide range of facilities for the guests whether they are disabled or not. It includes a wide range of holiday homes, but the focal point of the resort is the multi-purpose sports hall. An activity ramp twines around the sports hall and offers different types of activity spots, including a climbing wall and an aerial runway for wheelchair users; and on top of the ramp, the guests have easy access to a sky lounge, offering a panoramic view of the bay and the scenic surroundings. In addition to the sports hall, the resort includes a wide range of facilities – ranging from conference rooms and a restaurant with beautiful view of the bay to fitness rooms with personal instructors. Add to this the scenic surroundings along the coastline, where the guests can enjoy many hours of recreational outdoor activities.
The new sports hall and holiday homes are recognised for their high architectural quality in both layout, shape and choice of material – all with a focus on providing a unique experience that engages the guests and captures their imagination. For instance, the resort is clad with larch wood, which feels good, patinates beautifully and reflects the scenic surroundings. The architecture is thus infused with a distinctive sensuousness in order to create an engaging environment. In addition, the sports hall is located at the centre of the resort, while the holiday homes are at the periphery of the resort. In this way, the activities spread in ever-widening circles from the sports hall to the holiday homes by which the new and extended Musholm offers a dynamic and fully accessible layout for the guests.