Film City Aarhus

Denmark’s largest cluster of digital, visual companies

Aarhus, Denmark
Film City Aarhus
4,400 m2
Winning proposal in tender competition in 2015
In progress
Landscape architect
Filmby Aarhus Aarhus AART 2

The expansion not only transforms Film City Aarhus (in Danish 'Filmby Aarhus') into Denmark’s largest cluster of digital visual companies; it also turns the film city inside-out and creates an urban space of an international calibre, shaped by the digital possibilities of tomorrow.

Play with the urban space and create a building with space for innovation and inspiration for companies operating in the digital visual industry: That is the vision for the expansion of Filmby Aarhus by the city’s South Harbour district, where a new building will add an additional 4,400 sqm to the existing film city, while a new urban space turns it inside-out and encourages play and learning as well as motion and immersion, creating a stage for the digital possibilities of tomorrow.

A creative powerhouse for film and media production, Filmby Aarhus contains two film studios and more than 80 media companies. Filmbyen is a major driving force for film and media production not just in Jutland, but all of Denmark, and the new building is therefore designed with tomorrow’s possibilities in the world of film and media in mind. It has been designed to interact with the existing part of the film city and create synergies across its many functions and commercial lettings. The new building will therefore help the film city come even more into its own as a place that welcomes innovation, cooperation and creativity within the digital visual industry.

But this expansion not only turns Filmby Aarhus into a place for people working in the film and media industry - it will become a place for all the locals of Aarhus and its visitors. With the addition of a new public urban space, the film city will reach beyond itself to become a new destination in the city, where the young and old alike can explore knowledge about the many possibilities offered by the digital world, thanks to a wide range of interactive art installations. Examples include The Wind, which transforms wind into living light formations across the paving of the urban space, The River, where waves of light run down the stairs leading to the harbour, and The Gallery, where the new building will be lit up and is expected to become Europe’s biggest film screen, creating the opportunity to show films produced by local and international talents alike.

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Karsten Sinning
Associate / Team Leader / Architect MAA
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