The FDF outdoor centre Sletten is situated in the beautiful landscape of hills and lakes in Ry in Denmark and frames a unique setting for a vibrant and empathetic camp, activity and learning environment. The centre’s interior spaces are open and accommodating and the boundary between indoors and outdoors are almost obliterated – for instance, wood and stone are used indoors as well as outdoors.

By virtue of its simultaneous organic and clean-cut profile, the building reflects and challenges the scenic landscape, and through this contextual framework the building creates a unique, sensuous and inspiring camp, activity and learning environment. The sloping surface of the roof enhances the building’s simple and clarified relation with the surroundings, where the forest encircles the green, sloping plain which by its amphitheatre and spacious area motivates children and young people to socialise, play and learn.

”The building’s openness provides opportunities, which we have not seen before. In the building design, the architects have focused on creating an openness that is based on cooperation and the acceptance of differences among users. Furthermore, the rooms are easily switchable for different purposes, giving the best possible framework for a diverse use.”
The Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities