Domkyrkoberget in Strängnäs

Preservation and development of a cultural-historical environment

Strängnäs, Sweden
2.500 sqm new buildings
Restoration of the existing cathedral
Strängnäs Cathedral Assembly
Under development
AART (lead advisor)
Bach Arkitekter (sub-advisor)
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The area around Domkyrkoberget in Stängnäs is being developed with a restoration of the cathedral and the construction of new buildings around the cathedral. Domkyrkoberget has been a centre of religion and culture for more than 1000 years. By carefully adapting the site to the parish and the city's current and future needs, an environment will be created where the church hill once again will become a place for learning, reflection, and human encounters.

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Gentle restoration

As the winning proposal in the 2020 international architectural competition, the cathedral will be restored with care and respect for its proud history by making the most of the existing and unutilised spaces in the cathedral and its associated buildings.

Part of the vision is also to bring the outdoor environment back into use and connect the existing buildings with three new buildings that will house the activities that the cathedral cannot accommodate today. These include a community centre, offices, a café and classrooms for primary, secondary and adult education.

The meeting of old and new will create a conceptual whole, so that Domkyrkoberget becomes part of a cultural-historical environment with modern and accessible functions. By strengthening the existing building, Domkyrkoberget will get a fresh start, and at the same time, the area will be as relevant now and, in the future, as it was 1000 years ago.

Excerpt from the jury's judgement

"The winning proposal has in a convincing and inspiring way allowed new and existing buildings to interact in a way that strengthens the cathedral's identity as a gathering place. The jury appreciates the proposal's ability to develop and show empathy and consideration for the existing historical values and to emphasise the values that the cathedral represents."

Partner and Head of AART's Stockholm office, Markus Grieser, adds: "The additions must be of high quality and form a new ring to the area around the cathedral that fulfils the contemporary need for a meeting place for church, culture and education in the city. Hopefully, what is being done in and around the cathedral in Strängnäs can be an inspiration for other church environments in Sweden."

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