Impactful transformations

With a holistic approach and more than 20 years of experience, AART advises clients across Scandinavia on how to preserve and revitalise existing buildings and neighbourhoods to create value for years to come.

We transform everything from entire districts and cultural environments to individual buildings, and we also advise on different degrees of transformation - from renovation and preservation to revitalisation and transformations. We can offer an interdisciplinary team of specialists in areas such as impact, sustainability, environment, heritage, building technology and interior design, always bringing the right competences into play to ensure the best possible long-term value - socially, environmentally and therefore also economically.

Where old meets new

The reuse of the existing building stock is one of the most important parameters to focus on in order for the construction project to address the necessary green transition. The most sustainable buildings are those that have already been built, and therefore it is crucial that both developers and consultants increase the shared awareness of the value of the existing - not least how we can use preservation, transformation and optimisation processes to reuse resources and bring buildings and neighbourhoods into the future in a vibrant, relevant and meaningful way.

We understand the complex nature of a historic building and our starting point is always the strengths and characteristics of each individual building, and we work hard to preserve the atmosphere, moods, depth and historical layers while incorporating durable functions and qualities.

With a holistic and respectful approach that balances the past with the future, we transform buildings and cultural environments to meet the contemporary needs and demands of users and society
Anders Tyrrestrup | Partner and co-founder of AART
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Valuation and site analysis

The existing building stock often contains great resources and cultural-historical values which are crucial for us to preserve and bring into the future. We offer clients screenings and site analyses of existing buildings and cultural environments with a holistic, qualitative approach that encompasses the cultural heritage, construction techniques, conditions, materiality, craftsmanship, the environment and the context.

At the same time, we also consider how to combine old and new and how new buildings might be designed to engage with existing buildings and environments. We then develop value and vision programmes for each project or area to create transformational projects that contribute with the greatest possible positive impact - for clients, users and society.

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Preservation and renovation
Many buildings across Scandinavia have high conservation value and deserve to be brought into the future. With years of experience and in-depth knowledge of cultural heritage, building history, construction techniques, legislation and preservation, we advise on how to gently and respectfully add contemporary functions to existing buildings.

We advise on conservation and renovation at all scales and across all typologies - from entire city districts to public housing areas and individual buildings.

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Existing buildings tie up a lot of resources, and as an alternative to demolition, these buildings can often be revitalised to great advantage - partly to limit CO2 emissions, but also because transformed buildings often contain historical layers and character that only time can add. Our interdisciplinary team advises clients on how to optimise, transform and revitalise existing buildings to make them relevant - both now and in the future.

We have experience with major conversion projects where we use existing resources and qualities to advise on how we can bring buildings and neighbourhoods into the future in a meaningful, sustainable and relevant way with a comprehensive plan for adaptations, demolitions, new functions and, if relevant, additions.

Cultural heritage and identity

The built environment historically contains different types of architectural and cultural heritages that we must protect and bring into the future when working with existing buildings and cultural environments. This applies to both traditional cultural heritages which date back hundreds of years and also includes listed buildings. For this type of job, we always work with specialists and consultants. But this also applies to the more recent cultural heritage from, for example, the 1960s and 1980s, which we need to be very conscious of in order to protect them and bring the qualities and stories from this time into the future. With a careful and considered approach, we advise clients on how to meaningfully protect and preserve important cultural heritages while developing and adapting the building stock to meet contemporary needs and requirements.

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