We create a solid fundament

We create opportunities for our clients already in the planning stage of a development or larger urban area. We do so through nuanced studies of context, in which we analyse and optimise the opportunities the project holds. Our aim is to create a solid fundament for making the best decisions early on in the process - be it in relation to the development of housing estates or more comprehensive master plans and local plans. It is in the initial stages that the fundament for the onward process is laid, meaning that the opportunity to minimise risk and maximise added value is greatest.

Ny Rosborg Plan 3000 AART Low

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Each assignment is its own

Our consulting services range from small scale, where we study the plot, to major scale, where we bring the surrounding city into play and study its infrastructure, density and building types. We approach our work knowing that each project is its own and therefore requires nuanced research and ongoing dialogue with both clients and authorities. On this basis, we develop 3D renderings and plans for space and organisation, just as we evaluate and assess these plans together with clients and future users. Throughout, our aim is to bring the architecture into play as a catalyst for growth development.

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  • Denmark
    Line Willacy
    Responsible for Urban Planning / Architect MAA
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  • Norway
    Jørgen Biørn
    Associate Partner / Team Leader / Senior Urban Planner
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