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We consult our clients on how to develop including urban spaces and landscapes with deep sustainble awareness.


We consult our client on how to develop enriching and sustainable living spaces between buildings.

Urbanism & Landscape

With our experienced team of landscape architects, we provide consultation suited every single project's demands and complexity. Consultation where we connect the life in and around cities and lanscapes with their social, economic, and environmental impact. At the same time, we qualify the connection between landscape and buildings through professional discussion across our many disciplines. A cross-disciplinary approach that creates a solid foundation for translating our clients' visions into urban and landscape architecture with a measurable and noticeable impact.

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We develop including urban spaces and landscapes with a deep sustainable awareness.
Jens Byriel Kinch | Manager AART Urbanism & Landscape
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Holistic consultation

With our professional profiles within urbanism and landscape, we provide holistic consultation. We do so with the clear ambition to create the greatest possible impact with a focus on: Urban living, biodiversity, and climate adaption.

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Urban living

The city is the place where different people, lifestyles, and positions meet. We consult developers and city developers to create urban spaces that generates life, encourages inclusion, and reflects the diversity of the city - always solidified in the unique qualities and identity of the place.

With the South Harbour District in Aarhus, we challenge the convensional way of creating and shaping urban life.


We work stategically to develop urban spaces and landscapes that are rich with biodiversity and greenery. A more diverse selection of flora and fauna is not just a vital part of the green transition. It also creates a more varied and attractive outdoor space that has a positive impact on the health and well-being of the citizens.

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With our winning proposal for Ullerødgaard, we have created a modern community-based living space with a diversity of flora and fauna.

Climate adaption

Floodings, coastal erosion, and longer and more frequent draughts. The weather is turning more extreme. That's why we work strategically to prepare our cities and living spaces to withstand the future climate change, while simulateneously encouraging urban life and biodiversity. An impact-based approach where we turn problems into recreative potentional to the benefit of all.

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With Ny Rosborg we are transforming Vejle's previous repository to a climate adapted district in close contact with nature.

Meet our Urbanism & Landscape team

  • Jens Kinch
    Associeret / Faglig leder AART Byrum & Landskab / Landskabsarkitekt MDL
    +45 41 72 08 03
  • Katrine Sandstrøm
    Faglig leder Byrum & Landskab / Arkitekt
    +45 20 90 64 35