As a full-service architectural firm, we provide specialised consulting in all segments of architecture. We do this from a holistic perspective, where we immerse ourselves in the place and take into account society’s trends — always in close communication with our customers. Our main job is to translate your visions into impactful, measurable solutions in housing, public housing, business, culture, health and education.


We have been providing consultancy services on housing development for the private and public sectors throughout Scandinavia for more than 20 years. Through our consultancy, we have translated community trends into modern and sustainable living styles rooted in the local building style. In Aarhus, some of our projects include the terraced Nicolinehus, in Ringkøbing, the senior living community of the future, and in Stavanger one of Europe's largest wooden buildings, named the world's best residential building by World Architecture News in 2014.

We have extensive experience of creating healthy and socially stimulating buildings, which are planned down to the smallest detail. And our attention to detail goes beyond the traditional parameters of indoor climate, daylight conditions and material quality, and extends to the entire community experience. An integral part of who we are is our passion to change and improve how young people, families and seniors live, so that people from different generations and social divides can live together in harmony.

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Public Housing

Every sixth resident of Denmark lives in a public housing unit. At AART, we have many years of experience advising clients in the social sector on the development of residential areas, housing, co-housing communities and nu assisted living homes.

Our advice balances social, environmental and financial value creation and we approach each assignment with the desire to create robust and healthy public housing project that provides quality of life for the individual through a holistic design of the city, building and home.

Our specialised employees have many years of experience and in-depth knowledge related to the public housing, resident democracy and the special conditions and frameworks in which we work. We value close collaboration with customers, residents, other consultants and contractors and offer advice on new construction projects, master plans, public renovations, resident involvement and construction management.Øverst på formularen

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We consult clients on the development of hotels, shops and office premises and creative knowledge environments.

When we design and transform commercial buildings, we always start by looking at what makes our customers tick and what their core business is. For every business is unique. Each business has its own set of values and workflows, and our key task is to create architecture that supports them. We therefore make a point of gaining an in-depth understanding of the company and translating its DNA into a physical setting. Here we work strategically with space, daylight and materials that can be easily adapted to future changes.

Collaboration is the cornerstone of businesses today. That's why we let the flow of knowledge and employees shape the architecture. Before we sit down at the drawing table, we make a point of understanding how the company’s employees and departments interact. All with the aim of allowing the flow of knowledge and employees to shape the architecture. This is how we add value for our customers, not only in relation to architecture as a brand strategic element, but also in terms of supporting knowledge sharing and collaboration across the company.

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We consult clients on the development of museums, libraries, concert halls, outdoor recreation centres and sports facilities.

Cultural construction is part of our DNA — from our first winning project back in 2003, the Mies van der Rohe nominated Sletten i Ry, to our latest cultural flagship, the Viking Age Museum in Oslo. Over the years, we have designed and transformed a wide range of cultural buildings throughout Scandinavia. Common to them all is a deep immersion in the visions of our clients, so that together we can bring architecture into the world that not only serves as cultural catalyst to develop cities, but also entire communities.

Culture is about connecting people. It is about strengthening social and cultural cohesion, which is why the community takes precedence over everything else when we design and transform cultural buildings. For us, it is crucial to promote a diverse cultural life, in which not only diverse functions are reconnected, but also people from different generations and social backgrounds. A social purpose that we combine with a deep understanding of the area’s history and potential, so that the architecture both contrasts and blends with its surroundings.

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We consult clients on developing hospitals and specialised health centres.

With more than 800,000 healing square metres in our back catalogue, we are one of Scandinavia's most experienced consultants in designing hospitals and health centres. Our experience ranges from somatics and psychiatry to highly specialised, clinical functions such as proton therapy and neurorehabilitation. We therefore offer professional depth and breadth, which is why we guarantee to create effective and empathetic settings for a health sector in constant development, where new requirements, technologies and demographic projections must be thought into the architecture.

We apply a holistic approach to healthcare architecture. This means that we work strategically to design and provide health projects where the architecture allows for both recreation, coherent patient processes and efficient workflows for the staff. We also ensure we create close contact between departments and different medical professions, so that transport routes are concentrated and the patient is given the optimum environment to get a quick and accurate diagnosis.

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We consult clients on developing primary schools, secondary schools and higher education institutions.

We have extensive experience of creating healthy and stimulating environments for the education of children, young people and adults. Our experience ranges from the design of primary and secondary schools to higher education institutions throughout Scandinavia. We apply our professional depth and breadth to design buildings and spaces that support educational principles and stimulate community and professional immersion.

We have extensive experience of designing learning environments into a whole, and in integrating climate action as an active part of learning environments — both inside and outside. As such, we are skilled at creating sustainable learning environments that change with the changing seasons. Sustainability is also about being able to adapt to changes in the longer term — such as changes in demographics and educational principles. That is why we work strategically to create sustainable architecture that can be transformed over time — without burdening either the individual institution's economy or the wider environment.

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