Modern living with historic roots

Jens Baggesens Vej, Aarhus
8,500 sqm + 2,500 sqm basement
Mogens de Linde
In progress
Landscape architect
General contractor
Mejerihojen 04 Baggarden

With Mejerihøjen in Aarhus, we are transforming a historical dairy ground into 112 modern houses with space for life. Located in Katrinebjerg - a mixed neighbourhood in rapid development close to the university, parks, and the city centre - the location holds unique opportunities to create a residential building that aims towards the needs of the future and history.

Mejerihojen 01 front view

Historical dairy ground as an inspiration

Mejerihøjen takes its name from the historical dairy ground that was originally located there, and which in the years after World War ll supplied the citizens of Aarhus and the American troops with milk. This unique history will be recur in the building's architectural expression, in the shape of yellow bricks with white and brown nuances, laid traditionally. While the jagged roofs takes inspiration from the old production centre that still resides the old dairy ground.

Mejerihojen 03 Baggarden

Space for living

Mejerihøjen is a apart of Aarhus Municipality's development plans for Katrinebjerg, that will transition the old industrial area into a mixed neighbourhood with housing, university, businesses, and cafées. Mejerihøjen will consist of two seperate buildings with 112 apartsments in total, of which 95 are private and 17 are social housing. On the city floor, a café, green gardens, and a common square will invite residents and bypassers to participate in spontaneous meetings - creating life around the buildings. All apartments consists of several balconies with the aim of making space for the residents to enjoy their private and outdoor life.

Mejerihojen 06 lejlighed

Want to know more?

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Partner / Market Responsible, Denmark West / Architect MAA
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