Global HQ promotes a good work environment and strategic goals

Bjerringbro, Denmark
12,600 sqm
Under development
Landscape architect
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Water, climate and an innovative work environment are the central themes in the design of Grundfos’ new global HQ, which will be located close to the company’s existing headquarters in Bjerringbro.

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The new global HQ is being developed to strategically support Grundfos’ values and vision and will be a new landmark for the company - both nationally and internationally.

The ambition is for the building to meet the highest standards for sustainable construction in terms of climate, water and work environment factors. Among other things, the building will contain all of Grundfos’ most modern solutions and this will allow the building itself to become a showcase for the company’s energy-saving products.

The HQ will house approximately 650 employees and is part of Grundfos’ plan to develop a single campus in Bjerringbro.

Water as a central element

Grundfos’ mission is to create solutions to the world’s water and climate challenges and thereby improve people’s quality of life.

For example, based on Grundfos’ new slogan “Possibility in every drop”, the project is being developed with an ambitious water recycling strategy to make the best use of every drop to conserve this valuable resource.

At the same time, the ambition is also to create a building with as low a climate footprint as possible using existing technologies and materials that are commercially available today. The plan is for the new HQ to be certified by the DGNB Platinum standard and also comply with the requirements for LEED Platinum.

A future-oriented workplace

The design of the new HQ is based on the latest knowledge about activity-based work and specific inputs from Grundfos employees. The ambition is to create a visionary and attractive work environment which supports Grundfos’ visions and development in certain strategic areas - among other things, in relation to supporting cooperation, innovation, well-being and work satisfaction among employees.

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Anders Tyrrestrup
Founding Partner / CINO / Architect MAA / NORDMAK
Aarhus, Stockholm
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