Almby Kyrkpark

Socialising across generations

Örebro, Sweden
Svenska Kyrkans bostäder, Örebro
2.400 sqm
OBK Sverige AB
Landscape architect
Citowise Sverige
Miljöbyggnad Silver
Örebro Kommunes Bygningspris 2023 ( Örebro Municipality Building Award 2023)
Jansin & Hammarling
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With a focus on promoting cohesion and community between generations and preventing loneliness, Almby Kyrspark is aimed at both students who want to live close to university in a safe environment and older people who want a smaller, more social home.

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A residential environment for people in different stages of life

Almby Kyrkpark consists of 38 generational homes in three three-storey buildings, all connected by balconies and walkways. This approach creates a good visual connection across the neighbourhood and between residents.

The overall project is designed to promote natural encounters and, in addition to a communal garden and a greenhouse, also consists of a spacious and cosy community house located centrally on the plot between the three buildings. With large windows, it opens up to both the communal garden and the surrounding park.

Almby Kyrkpark is thus a strong example of how architecture can be used to create a good living environment for people in different stages of life with many opportunities for socialising across generations.

The project shows a skilful and humble way of developing the site. The new buildings are connected to the 1958 parish hall and frame a courtyard environment that has the potential to become a secluded green oasis for residents. The wooden facades give a warm feel to the courtyard while the shape of the roof is inspired by the existing houses. With an interesting and innovative approach, the developer and architect have added an attractive residential alternative to Örebro.
The jury behind the Örebro Municipality Building Award 2023
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Built with a focus on sustainability

It's not just social sustainability that is in focus at Almby Kyrkpark. The project is built according to Miljöbyggnad Silver, which means that high environmental standards have been set throughout the process.

To promote both biodiversity and low energy consumption, the buildings are constructed with sedum roofs, which, in addition to being respectful of the surrounding buildings, enhance biodiversity and retain heat.

In addition, the buildings are constructed with specially developed concrete that has a lower climate impact and with carefully selected building materials without harmful chemicals.

Attractive homes for students and seniors alike

Almby Kyrkpark's residential neighbourhood is strategically located near the university, shops and in close proximity to Almby Parish. This means that both the older and the younger generation are catered for.

The apartments vary in size from one to three rooms, with student accommodation located on the top floor across all three buildings.

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Want to know more?

Markus Grieser
VD / Partner / Dipl. Ing. / Architect SAR / MSA
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