Unique wooden houses by the water and the city

Karlskoga, Sweden
Eyra Gruppen
4,430 sqm
Completed in 2024
Landscapes architect
Kungsladan Landskapsarkitetur
AART Aggerudsvikana 03

Located in the center of Karlskoga by Lake Möckeln, Aggerudsvirkarna consists of 49 wooden townhouses inspired by traditional Swedish villas. With the idyllic lake in the front yard and the city in the backyard, Aggerudsvirkarna provides an optimal and unique setting for an experiential everyday life filled with light, air, and vitality.

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Reinterprets the traditional villa

Aggerudsvirkarna comprises four apartment blocks, totaling 49 terraced houses along with associated beachfront plots on Möckeln Lake. The architecture offers a contemporary reinterpretation of the city's traditional residential neighborhoods, featuring green wood panels and sloping metal roofs. A cohesive design language and color scheme unite the residential blocks, while each block boasts its own housing types, sizes, and characteristics. Deliberate offsets and indented terraces lend the townhouses a dynamic structure, creating niches where residents can enjoy optimal light and picturesque views from every home.

The location is both attractive and unique, within walking distance to the city center, kindergarten, grocery store, and hospital, while also offering proximity to water and green spaces. Situated by the idyllic Möckeln lake with its private jetties, the homes provide ample space for an active and recreational lifestyle.

Preserving public access to the beach area while developing appealing homes near the lake was a key aspect of the project. To achieve this, a new pedestrian bridge has been constructed along the promenade, ensuring continued value for the beach area in terms of recreation, not only for local residents but also for the entire city's population and visitors alike.

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