Gives space for all ways of harbour life

Copenhagen, Denmark
By & Havn
34,500 sqm
Winning proposal in prequalified competition in 2016
Not realized
Head consultnat
Tredje Natur
160611 Courtyard

Kronløbsøen in Copenhagen's North Harbour fulfills the vision of creating a unique urban environment that provides space for all the harbour's life forms - the swimming, playing, fishing, running, and walking in balance between monolitihic and the human.

The establishment of Kronløbsøen has a unique potential for setting new standards for urban development along the water in Copenhagen. The project proposal embraces this through understanding the port's life, scale and history. The result is a relational and homogeneus building structure that gives life and form to the many qualities that only exist by the water.

With our proposal for Kronløbsøen, we do not only strengthen the residents’ well-being. We also add a clear identity to the district — here you live not just by the water, but with the water.
Mads Nygaard / Partner in AART

The structure consists of eight porous monoliths, which are defined by connections, visibility and microclimate, which create optimal conditions for houses and urban spaces with human in mind. In short, a distric that optimally knows how to ulitilise its distinstive place, and which orchestrates the good city life with clear connections, architectural qualities, fantastic urban spaces, activity and life with the water.

Balcony Final
1 50 Kronlobsoen

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Mads Nygaard
Group Partner / Architect MAA
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