Inspiria Science Center

By rethinking the framework for future learning environments Inspiria Science Center combines learning and architecture into an eventful science center. Designed with school children in mind, the science center inspires and educates through 70 interactive exhibitions. In addition one of the most sophisticated planetariums in northern Europe rounds off the educational offering. Even the journey to the science center is a practical lesson in sustainability as most of the school children are taken to the science building by hybrid busses.
Designed as a passive house including a wide range of eco-friendly solutions, the building design supports the activities within the science center. Daylight floods through the extensive glass facades and the many skylights into the exhibition halls and the two-storey atrium. In addition a wastewater treatment plant recycles the water for use throughout the science center while a wind turbine and a solar cell panel generate electricity and a solar hot water system creates domestic hot water. These facilities are not just means to an end but are designed as a part of the exhibitions and they can be seen in action by the school children.
Last but not least the science center is adapted to the surrounding landscape with the three wings radiating out from the two-storey atrium. This distinctive architecture symbolises the cycle of nature and reflects the science building’s key topics: health, energy, and the environment. The science center has received several awards for its striking and sustainable architecture including the jury’s special at the Prime Property Awards 2012 which recognises the most sustainable real estate projects in Europe.

“Inspiria Science Center is an inspiring investment in an ecologically sustainable future.”
Prime Property Award 2012