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Take a visual journey back in time

Today, we are a full-blown Scandinavian practice with offices in Aarhus, Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm. However, it all started 20 years ago on a much smaller scale – more precisely in a studio flat in the heart of Aarhus, where the three young guys above founded AART. Scroll down to journey back in time and explore how step-by-step we took on Scandinavia.


From three to five

Our partner group grows from three to five when we appoint the architects Nanna Flintholm and Mads Nygaard to join our co-founding partners Torben Skovbjerg Larsen, Anders Strange and Anders Tyrrestrup.

Today our partner group includes Torben Skovbjerg Larsen, Mads Nygaard, Anders Strange Nanna Flintholm and Anders Tyrrestrup.


Taking on Sweden

We open our first Swedish office in the scenic setting of Djurgården in central Stockholm. We are now present in all Scandinavian countries, and just one week after the opening, we win the much-coveted competition to restore and extend Sweden's best-preserved medieval church, Strangnäs Cathedral.

AART kontor stockholm 2020 2


Aquiring SJ Arkitekter

With the acquisition, we are joined by 40 new colleagues in Akers Brygge, a lively harbour district in central Oslo. Today, we have expanded our activities in the Norwegian capital to include two project offices, which take good care of the development of the new Viking Age Museum and the highly specialised Radium Hospital.

Oslo Bryggegata AART 10 H


On the top of Aarhus

We move into our new office on the top floors of Pakhusene in the new harbour district, Aarhus Ø. The move is long awaited, as over the last four years we have been designing and planning Pakhusene as a new kind of community-creating office building. With its panoramic views of the city and the sea and its shared facilities, such as a canteen, fitness, harbour bath and meeting rooms, it has fulfilled our expectations and beyond.

Aarhus Havn 20180816 TH 0084
AART Aarhus kontor
The panoramic view, open space planning and tactile materials such as wood and concrete are consistent throughout our office on the top floors of Pakhusene in Aarhus.
AART aarhus 2017 KSM 10

Our shared roof terrace in Pakhusene serves as a perfect location for Friday bars and informal meetings. In addition, it frames our annual summer event where we invite friends of AART to join us for a cosy afternoon with jazz, drinks and a lot of small talk.


Strengthening our Copenhagen foothold

We move into the top of a renovated warehouse in Njals Gade 17 on Islands Brygge. The new office strengthens our foothold in Copenhagen and, today, we are involved in various projects here, such as a community-creating office building in Nordhavn, the national rowing stadium at Bagsværd Lake, the mixed-use development Byens Hus in Ørestad and much more.

Aart CPH21


Taking roots in Norway

We open our first Norwegian office in the KPMG building on Sørkedalsveien in Oslo, though we have had a presence in Norway for many years. In fact, our co-founding partner Anders Strange moved to Sarpsborg south of Oslo in 2009 to sow the seeds for our long-term Norwegian adventure. Moreover, we were also part of the project office in the development of the Hospital Østfold Kalnes, which we won back in 2003.

KPMG bygget full sorkedalsveien oslo AART kontor


360 degree view of Aarhus

We move into our new Aarhus office on Åboulevarden in the centre of the city. The office is on the top floor of an old industrial building designed by Friis & Moltke back in 1962 and up a narrow staircase we have access to our meeting room, Sky Cube, which has a 360-degree view of the city skyline. During our years at the office, we grow our team from 20 to 90, for which reason we go on to occupy the second floor of the building too.

A boulevarden 22 aart med pil
AART KSM3735 Aaboulevarden 2014
Located above our office and offering a 360 degree view of Aarhus skyline, we dubbed our meeting room 'Sky Cube'.
Snapshots of the daily life at our office on Åboulevarden in the heart of Aarhus.
During our years at Åboulevarden, we grow from 20 to 90 team members by which we also at the end occupied the second floor of the building.


Two offices in two years

We have two busy years of moving. Because just one year after moving into our office at Lystrupvej in the northern part of Aarhus, we head for our new office on Nørreallé in the centre of the city. We have only these photos to show for our time there; however, as a small startup practice, we sure had a great time with a lot of enterprise and a can-do attitude.

AART Mossovej 2 2003 sh


Moving into our first real office

From the studio flat, where we founded AART, we move into our first real office on Sønder Allé in the centre of Aarhus. Just getting our very own plotter felt like a giant leap for our startup practice.

AART Stempel 2001
AART / 2002
AART / 2001
On the left co-founding partner Anders Tyrrestrup with a cup of coffee and what was our only mobile phone at the office back then – we dubbed it the AART mobile.

We hope you enjoyed journeying back in time with us.

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